How long can an ear canal hearing aid last?

The design life of the hearing aid is 5-8 years. We first eliminate the technical problems of the hearing aid itself. There are many factors that are determined by the user. Littering or bumping, etc., these factors account for 70% of the total failure rate of hearing aids.For people with hearing loss, hearing aids need to be worn for more than eight hours a day, and meticulous care every day is essential. Take care of it gently, clean the speaker, wipe the surface of the body with tissue paper, open the battery compartment and put it in the drying box Dehumidification, but also clean the individual ear canal.How long it takes varies from person to person.

3. Anti-vibration: Anti-vibration prevents the hearing aid from being violently impacted. Important components in the hearing aid are easily damaged by strong vibration, such as microphones, speakers, etc.Should be worn or taken off on things with soft surfaces (such as beds, sofas, etc.) Hearing aid , Do not drop the hearing aid on a hard surface.After the hearing aid is taken off, it should be placed in a safe place to prevent children or pets from reaching it and causing it to break or bite.

5. Cleaning: clean with a dry cotton ball at least 1-2 times a week Hearing aid It can be scrubbed with alcohol when necessary, and liquids should be prevented from flowing into the hearing aid.Pay attention to keep the receiving and sound transmission channels unblocked, often clean up the dirt and water accumulated in the earplugs or ear mold pipes, and check whether the microphone port is blocked by foreign objects.In particular, ear canal hearing aids should pay attention to the common small brush to clean the cerumen and earwax blocked at the sound transmission port. If necessary, you can replace the cerumen baffle by yourself.

7. Before the warranty is about to expire, send it to the manufacturer for a comprehensive inspection.


Hearing aid is a special rehabilitation equipment rather than a special commodity.No matter from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, there are very sophisticated electronic components inside. We hope that you can buy them in professional fitting centers rather than through the Internet or other means. In this way, in the next few years or after you buy For more than ten years or even decades, the maintenance method of your hearing aids has also been completed by the fitting center for you. This can be considered a real value for money and an excellent value for money.

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