Is it reliable to buy hearing aids on Taobao? Are they genuine?

Online shopping is now a very popular way of shopping. Some hearing-impaired people who do not understand hearing aids also have the experience of buying hearing aids online.

mostOnline shoppingPeople lack correct understanding of hearing aids.

Won’t use Hearing aid ——Should carefully understand the usage and precautions of hearing aids.I have high expectations for the effect of hearing aids, and I hope to hear the sound clearly as soon as I put it on. Hearing aids have a process of adaptation, which requires constant adjustment by the optician, and the wearer also needs to adjust their mentality to adapt slowly, and cooperate to adjust the hearing aid to the best Effect.Just buy hearing aids and wear them. No wonder the price is too low and the products are too inferior. First of all, hearing aids are the same as glasses. After testing, they need to be fitted according to their own conditions. Hearing aid , And adjust and adapt; secondly, hearing aids are not as expensive as possible, nor are they cheap and in good quality. The best for you is the best.The key to these two points lies in the fitter.

The above are the questions that professional hearing aid inspectors usually consider when fitting hearing aids for hearing-impaired people. The actual fitting is not limited to the above questions.


Hearing aids need to be selected according to their own hearing loss and ear canal conditions, and the sound is composed of different frequencies, and the hearing loss of each frequency is also different. It needs to be adjusted to be equipped. Hearing aids bought online, there is no After debugging by professionals, try not to wear it, so as not to cause secondary damage to the ears.

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