I have worn a hearing aid for a year, can I wear it from time to time? What are the issues to be aware of?

Many users will ask whether hearing aids should be worn for a long time?Can I wear it when I need it, or not when I don’t need it?Some users do not have serious hearing loss. They use it in important occasions such as meetings and important business meetings. They don’t usually use it.

Hearing aid adaptation steps cannot be less
Hearing aid adaptability training is not complicated, and the general principle is to adhere to the step-by-step adaptation.In terms of daily wearing time, it should be short to long; in terms of volume adjustment, it should be small first and then large; in terms of social environment, it should be quiet first and then noisy, simple first and complicated first.Such a gradual progress can help users get through the adaptation period as soon as possible and maximize the effect of hearing aids.Once so, I believe that some of them will also “can’t take off the hearing aids they wear.”At the same time, it also means that the hearing aid has played its due role, greatly improving your hearing condition, which is a good thing to ask for!
Master new hearing aid methods and use them successfully early Hearing aid , Can help you develop good listening habits, and play a better hearing aid effect, protect your residual hearing.

What problems should be paid attention to after wearing hearing aids?
1. Wear or remove it on something soft on the surface Hearing aid , Do not drop the hearing aid on a hard surface.
2. Do not expose the hearing aid to intense heat, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from radiation.Never try to repair hearing aids yourself.
3. Hearing aids must be removed before showering, entering the bathtub or swimming.Always keep the hearing aids dry and use a desiccant to remove moisture from the hearing aids.At night, after removing the battery and leaving the battery cover open, at the same time, wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth.
4. If you want to work in a humid environment or sweat a lot, please keep yourself dry every day, and use a desiccant to remove moisture from your hearing aids.
5. Do not let children or pets come into contact with hearing aids.The dog will be irritated when he hears the feedback signal.In addition, they will be attracted by the smell of the owner. When these two situations occur at the same time, it will often lead to actions that damage the hearing aid.
6. Do not let the hearing aid come into contact with spray glue, oil, etc. Before completing the daily makeup routine, do not wear hearing aids or wear hearing aids in beauty salons.
7. Keep the ear canal clean and hygienic.If you want your hearing aids to perform at their best, you must always keep your ear canal and hose clean.
Is it good to wear hearing aids for a long time?

I am worried that the hearing aid will not be “taken off” after being put on, and I am afraid of “dependence” on the hearing aid.It should be admitted that there are indeed some users who cannot live without hearing aids once they have them.The question is, why does this phenomenon occur?If it is not necessary, people with normal hearing will not wear hearing aids, nor will they have dependent behaviors, because they do not need the help of hearing aids at all.Some hearing aid users with minor hearing loss only use hearing aids for necessary or important occasions (such as meeting guests or hosting certain meetings), and they are not “unable to take them off”.Only those hearing-impaired patients who have benefited greatly from the use of hearing aids cannot do without hearing aids. “Cannot be separated from” and “cannot be taken off” means that the hearing aid has played its due role and greatly improved the user’s hearing condition, which is a desirable good thing.The difference is that some hearing-impaired patients who use hearing aids for the first time cannot adapt, complaining that the sense of blockage, the sensation of foreign bodies is too strong, and that the sound is not real and clear enough.There are many reasons for this kind of problems, such as improper fitting, poor product quality, and high psychological expectations.But the biggest problem is that they lack the necessary fitness training.

When you first get in touch with hearing aids, you need to be familiar with the installation of hearing aids and how to adjust each device.First of all, you need to practice using hearing aids in a quiet and familiar environment, learn to listen to the sounds in the environment, and learn to listen to the other person in the case of two people.Note that in a short period of time, do not expect hearing aids to have great results, otherwise you will be disappointed, and do not easily think that hearing aids are ineffective. Hearing aids can only be effective after a period of familiarization and practice.If your friends think that hearing aids are not effective, don’t be affected by them, because your hearing loss is different, and your attitude towards hearing aids is different, and your satisfaction with hearing aids is also different.

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