These hearing aid tips can help improve hearing ability quickly?

Hearing ability refers to the ability to comprehend the verbal meaning and comprehension of the sound after hearing the sound.First of all, hearing aids must be professionally selected and adjusted to meetHearing loss, The performance of the machine will be better; secondly, after the hearing aid is worn, it should be worn every day. When the ear hears the sound, the brain will respond and improve the ability to discern the sound. This is the truth.

You will need to learn to adapt Hearing aid , And learn to wear a hearing aid to listen to the sound.At the beginning, please remember: do not interrupt the effect of hearing aids.If some of your friends have used Hearing aid , But when you feel dissatisfied, don’t be influenced by him, because it doesn’t mean you will be dissatisfied.When you start to use hearing aids, practice how to take them on and how to operate various devices.First use hearing aids in a familiar and quiet environment, practice distinguishing sounds in the environment, and learn to listen to each other when two people are speaking.Don’t expect great results in a short period of time, otherwise you will be disappointed.

Although adapting to a new hearing aid is a natural process, and the length of the adaptation process varies from person to person, there are still some techniques that can help you quickly adapt to a hearing aid:
One, re-recognize simple sounds in daily life.In daily life, you should try to wear hearing aids as much as possible. The more you listen, the more familiar you will become.In the first few days, you should not wear a hearing aid for more than one to three hours. When you feel nervous or tired, you should remove the hearing aid and rest for several hours.One thing that is very important during the trial time is to increase the time of wearing hearing aids every day so that you can slowly adapt to the sound of the surrounding environment.
Second, listen carefully to the voices in life.Start “listening training” in a familiar environment, carefully read the operating instructions, and be familiar with how to use hearing aids; in the first few weeks, start in a quiet environment and pay attention to different sounds; then listen in a noisy environment Sound, such as a train station or a busy road, progresses gradually.
Third, readjust to your own voice.When you speak, you will find that your voice sounds a little different from the past, and you will recognize your voice again.You can read a book or newspaper aloud, listen to your pronunciation carefully, pay attention to the pronunciation, and re-accept your voice.

Fourth, communicate with others as much as possible.Meet with friends and family more often, take the initiative to join the conversation, and find the vantage point where you can hear the most.At the beginning, within 2 meters, face-to-face communication with one person, and then gradually increased to two, three…multi-person chats.
Fifth, control the volume of sound.Do not increase the volume too high. In many cases, this will not improve the ability to understand the conversation, but will cause the sound to be distorted.Don’t try to make a slight sound from a distance.At this stage, if you can have a normal conversation within 2 to 3 yards, it is enough.

Vision is also very important when talking with people.
When talking with people, pay attention to the shape of the speaker’s mouth, his expressions and movements, which can also help you understand the meaning.Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others.Please family and friends try to get your attention before talking to you.When in class, meeting, or listening to a lecture, it is best to sit in the middle or the front position, and then listen to the lecture with full concentration.Watch more news broadcasts and listen to more storytelling. After a long time, you can guess from the meaning of the sentences before and after you have not heard clearly; then you can understand the meaning.

Learn to listen in noisy places
Hearing aid users need to be in a noisy environment, just like other people with normal hearing, they can concentrate on listening to the sound they want to suppress the interfering noise. However, if your hearing is damaged for a long time, you will temporarily Lose this ability.
Your own efforts, the support of your family, and the hearing aid itself are all indispensable conditions for achieving good hearing effects and effective interpersonal communication.If you and your hearing aid can cooperate seamlessly, you can share a beautiful vision; like cultivating friendship between friends, you must devote considerable time and energy.Your hearing aid will do its job, and I hope you can adopt our suggestions.

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