Wearing a hearing aid in the ear, the ear canal is a bit itchy and inflamed recently, what’s the matter?

In the process of wearing hearing aids, some patients may experience itchy ears after wearing hearing aids.Ear itching is a sensation caused by slight irritation of the skin sensory nerves in the external auditory canal.It does not matter if it is a normal post-stimulation response. Take the hearing aid off and put it on again after a while.

1. When the ear impression is taken, the ear touch ointment is pressed too hard.

2. When making ear molds, the wax is too thick.

People who suffer from otitis media often have inflammation in the ear canal. Remember to remove it when it becomes inflamed. Hearing aid , Wait for it to wear.

Ear mold may be caused by environmental factors, secretions from tympanic membrane perforation, or infection.When the climate is warm and humid, the external auditory canal gets dirty water due to washing hair, raining, and swimming. Mold may grow if it is not cleaned for a long time.For patients with chronic otitis media, the pus may flow from the perforation of the tympanic membrane to the external auditory canal. Without treatment, mold will grow over time.People with tinea pedis use their fingers to extract the tinea pedis to relieve the itching, and then use their fingers to dig their ears without washing their hands. This spreads the tinea pedis to the external auditory canal.When you have otomycosis, your ears will be itchy and uncomfortable, and you will get earwax in particular, and the entire external auditory canal will often be covered after one or two weeks.

One Chinese medicine.

This disease belongs to the category of ear sores in traditional Chinese medicine. It is mostly caused by wind-heat invasion or hot toxin.

For a hearing impaired person with otitis media, if he or she gives up medication or surgical treatment, especially in the resting phase of otitis media, the patient can use the ear canal hearing aid, but the ear canal must be clean and dry during use.Clean the ear canal with a medical cotton swab before wearing it every day. It is best to use some drugs regularly under the guidance of a doctor. When you are tired or catch a cold, you should pay more attention to the recurrence of otitis media.After a few hours of daily use, the hearing aid should be taken out for a while to ventilate the ear canal to the outside world and keep it clean and dry.Be sure to put the hearing aid in the drying box when not in use at night, it is best to use an electronic dryer, which will reduce the failure rate of the hearing aid.

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