Can I hear normal sound with hearing aids?

Habitual period:Finally, after the previous resistance, trial, and verification, patients gradually become accustomed to hearing aids.

During this process, family members and friends should urge and encourage patients to wear them and change batteries regularly. Once the patient feels that the voice is unnatural or abnormal, the family will act as an intermediary to communicate and reflect the problem with the optician in a timely manner, so that the patient can rest assured. Use with peace of mind.Moreover, regular hearing test review is very important for the patient and the hearing aid effect.

There must be reasonable expectations for wearing hearing aids.

Hearing aids help us hear sounds, but they cannot distinguish sounds.Recognizing sounds requires wearing hearing aids for a long time to understand the meaning of sounds.In other words, everyone who is new to hearing aids may not adapt to it at the beginning. After gradually adapting to exercise slowly, they can gradually improve their auditory discrimination ability, and they can hear relatively clearly.If you are a patient with central nervous deafness, also known as posterior cochlear hearing impairment, this situation is more serious. This is because these people’s auditory nerves are degraded, and they can’t hear clearly or understand even when they just wear hearing aids. But it is still recommended to stick to it Hearing aid , So as to stimulate the auditory nerve and avoid a greater degree of decline.

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