Parents only need 3 steps to wear hearing aids

People with normal hearing live in a variety of noise environments every day, such as the sound of birds in the woods, the sound of vehicles on the road, all kinds of collisions in the family, and so on. These are all taken for granted and deaf.But hearing impaired children haveHearing loss, The surrounding is silent for him.Used now Hearing aid , So that he enters the world of sound, at this time everything is loud, and he is not used to it, and irritability will appear for a time. Parents should particularly understand this.Parents should follow the steps below to patiently help deaf children familiarize themselves with use Hearing aid .

Let the child put on the hearing aid smoothly, parents only need 3 steps

Tips:Only parents can decide how long to use hearing aids
If the child is found to have a fearful or painful reaction to the sound during the trial period, this must be brought to the attention of the parents.It is possible that the pain threshold and comfortable range of the child’s hearing have not been grasped before the hearing aid is selected.For those hearing aids that do not have the function of “automatic gain control” or “automatic peak clipping”, the gain must be adjusted in advance to avoid reaching the hearing pain threshold of deaf children when shouting loudly, so as to eliminate the pain that may be caused because of the bad sound. Stimulation can even make a deaf child cry or make it difficult to mobilize him to wear a hearing aid again.

What do babies do when they are not wearing hearing aids?

1. Raise our voice: Amplify the voice, but don’t shout.Shouting will cause our speech to become unclear.
2. Keep the baby nearby: When the baby is nearby, our voice will be louder and easier to be heard.
3. Hug the baby: Let the baby snuggle on our chin or cheek, let him feel the vibration of the sound.

What to do when using hearing aids?
1. If there is only a small part of the day to wear hearing aids for the child, take advantage of this time, choose a quiet place, no background noise, turn off the TV and radio, and spend time freely to talk or sing with the child, and let the child Feel our voice.
2. We can also sit upright on a chair or on the floor and let the baby lie on our lap, so that we can get good eye contact.

This article is just a reference. Parents of hearing-impaired children must have their own judgment and do what you think is best for their children. Both parents must take on more responsibilities, and family members must also share pressure with each other.For hearing-impaired children, wearing hearing aids all the time is a basic goal. Different children may have very different time to reach this goal, but we parents should feel comfortable in controlling this process. It is important to stay calm. , There must be continuity, if you waver, the child will soon find out.

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