Unilateral deafness is often overlooked, does it have a great impact on life?

People with unilateral deafness will have certain difficulties in the orientation of the sound source, but they should be competent in daily social situations.Unilateral deafness sometimes has a clear cause, such as temporal bone fractures caused by head trauma, and sudden deafness.Sometimes it is a progressively worsening single ear deafness, such as Meniere’s syndrome. With frequent episodes of vertigo, secondary tinnitus and deafness may be the onset of single ear.The other type is acoustic neuroma, which may have no symptoms in the early stage. As the tumor grows, single-ear deafness, tinnitus, and even headache, dizziness, and facial paralysis may occur slowly.Mumps is commonly known as “big mouth”. Young children are more susceptible to it. Hearing loss can occur 4 days before parotid gland swelling, but it can also manifest after 18 days. Mumps virus can cause damage to one inner ear.

1. Unilateral deafness has a great impact on life, but the extent to which it affects is closely related to the individual’s psychological quality.It also has something to do with whether the patient is actively treated.It is recommended for patients with unilateral deafness.Need psychological treatment.

2. People with unilateral deafness often feel isolated because they cannot hear or cannot hear others.At the same time, because people with unilateral deafness often cannot hear other people’s speech, and when they speak, it is easy to cause misunderstandings, and patients often have relatively poor interpersonal relationships.

3. People with unilateral deafness will hinder their career development because of their deafness.We know that important business decisions are often made in business meetings.However, patients with deafness often have different degrees of problems that cannot communicate effectively.


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