How to distinguish the performance of hearing aids?

The main function of a hearing aid is hearing aid. It is the same as wearing glasses. It is an auxiliary tool. It will be dependent on long-term wearing. This is normal. It means that you need it and can help you.Many patients worry about hearing damage, as long as they are selected in a formal hearing aid fitting center Hearing aid , The gain of the hearing aid within the suitable range will not cause damage to the hearing, but will stimulate the hair cells to help improve the speech recognition rate.

Many patients who choose hearing aids don’t know how to choose a cost-effective one. Hearing aid , Hearing aids can only be priced by brand and price.The “good” and “poor” of hearing aids are generally felt and subjectively evaluated by the hearing-impaired, and there are usually four judgments:

(1) Restore sufficient hearing sensitivity to allow the hearing-impaired person to hear the language and environmental sounds (the degree of hearing) that they cannot hear without a hearing aid;
(2) Restore, maintain fable comprehension and discernment, so that special sounds in language and daily environment can be clear enough (the degree of hearing clearly); for example, eardrum hearing aids can hear more clearly than deep ear canal hearing aids.

(3) The ability to understand speech in a noisy environment;

(4) When encountering a loud or sudden sound, you can listen comfortably without being uncomfortable because of the loudness.


It is not necessarily expensive. Imported hearing aids are suitable. You should choose hearing aids according to your hearing loss, living habits, and the surrounding acoustic environment. You should consult a professional fitting center for qualified hearing aids. Fitting division.

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Why do hearing aids need to be fitted to specialized institutions like glasses? What kind of profession is a hearing aid fitting professional, how do they help patients fit hearing aids, and how to find a qualified fitting professional?

Answer: At present, the price range of digital hearing aids is relatively large. The price of a hearing aid ranges from XNUMX to XNUMX to XNUMX to XNUMX.So what is the difference between them?We know that the most important structure in digital hearing aids is the digital chip. If the processing speed of the digital chip is faster, it will collect more speech signals, the better the restoration of the speech envelope, and the more natural the sound will be. , The clarity will be improved, and the noise reduction ability will be stronger. It can also automatically switch to the corresponding program as the environment changes to adapt to the hearing impaired. It is no longer necessary to manually switch the program. Hearing aids will also be relatively expensive.

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