What is the importance of hearing aid wearing?What do you think?

There is no doubt that hearing aids are definitely useful for deaf patients, but how useful they are for hearing rehabilitation depends on the following factors: (1) The expectations of hearing aids must be realistic and understand the performance characteristics of hearing aids.As a medical device, hearing aids cannot solve all the problems of patients.Only when patients fully understand the characteristics of hearing aids, can they give up unrealistic ideas. (2) Correct selection Hearing aid .Hearing aid selection is an important part of hearing rehabilitation.Different patients have different degrees of deafness.Hearing aids are a means to help patients make effective use of residual hearing.Therefore, the patient must go to a professional organization for the correct selection, so that the hearing aid can play the best role.

The importance of hearing aids for hearing impaired children
The importance of choosing hearing aids as early as possible is mainly manifested in the awakening and utilization of residual hearing, so that deaf children can establish audible speech.For example, a deaf child with a hearing threshold of 90dB can rarely feel the stimulation of daily surrounding sounds and speech interaction sounds, so his auditory function is in a primitive and naive state that has not been exploited.Once put on Hearing aid , Deaf children can feel the appearance of speech and various natural sounds, and gradually respond to various sounds, so that their residual hearing can be developed, auditory function can be exercised, and gradually distinguish and understand the hearing from the hearing aid Signals, so that deaf children can be deaf but not dumb, return to the world of sound, and return to the mainstream of society.Therefore, in the early intervention of deaf children, hearing aids are the most basic premise for hearing rehabilitation and speech rehabilitation.

The first few years after the birth of a child is the period with the fastest development of various systems and organs, and the same is true for the development of speech and language.Many research results show that.Children with hearing loss who wear hearing aids within 6 months after birth can improve their language understanding and expression ability better than wearing them after 6 months, and their speech and language development will be the same as children with normal hearing.This shows the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention.
Therefore, if there is no hearing loss, we must prevent it early. If there is hearing loss, we must wear hearing aids in time, which helps us delay the hearing loss of our ears.Wearing hearing aids must go to the otolaryngology department of a professional hospital for examination to confirm the cause, type and degree of hearing loss, and consult a professional audiologist at a regular institution.

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