Healthy hearing aids I have worn hearing aids for three or four months, and it feels more serious than before if I took them off. Why?

In fact, this anxiety will arise, mainly because the hearing aid technician/audiologist’s preliminary work has not been done properly. An experienced audiologist will tell the hearing impaired or his family in advance that “you may feel that you are hearing after wearing it for a period of time.” It’s a little bit lower, but there’s no problem. The reason is…”, we found that as long as the hearing-impaired person is given a reassurance in advance, his feelings and satisfaction will be much better, especially for many elderly people who feel that their hearing loss after wearing them I don’t dare to wear it anymore, for fear that it will drop even more severely. In particular, everyone has a habit of thinking that hearing aids will “get deaf as they are worn.”

Many people worry that hearing aids cannot be “taken off” after being put on, and they are afraid of “dependence” on hearing aids.It should be admitted that there are indeed some users who cannot live without it once they have it. Hearing aid .The question is why this phenomenon occurs.If it is not forced, people with normal hearing will not wear it Hearing aid , And will not produce dependent behavior, because they don’t need hearing aids to get help.

Some hearing aid users who have not serious hearing loss use hearing aids only in necessary or important occasions (such as meeting guests or hosting certain meetings), not “cannot take them off”.Only those hearing-impaired patients who have benefited greatly from the use of hearing aids cannot do without hearing aids. “Cannot be separated from” and “cannot be taken off” means that the hearing aid has played its due role, greatly improving the user’s hearing condition, which is a good thing that cannot be desired.The difference is that some hearing-impaired patients who use hearing aids for the first time can’t adapt, complaining that the sense of blockage, the sensation of foreign body is too strong, and that the sound is not real and clear enough.There are many reasons for such problems, such as improper fitting, poor product quality, and high psychological expectations.But the biggest problem is that they lack the necessary fitness training.

Despite the hearing impairment, these patients have been listening with their own ears before using hearing aids, and what they have obtained is “real” auditory information.But when they wear hearing aids, they hear unfamiliar sounds, so they can’t adapt for a while.One of the important ways to solve the problem is to carry out the necessary adaptive training to gradually show the hearing aid effect.

Hearing aid adaptability training is not complicated, and the general principle is to adhere to the step-by-step adaptation.In terms of daily wearing time, it should be short to long; in terms of volume adjustment, it should be small first and then large; in terms of social environment, it should be quiet first and then noisy, simple first and complicated first.Such a gradual progress can help users get through the adaptation period as soon as possible and maximize the effect of hearing aids.Once so, I believe that some of them will also “can’t take off the hearing aids they wear.”

Recommended answer: There are several reasons why you can’t hear clearly. First, you have poor speech recognition ability. Second, you can choose one ear. Third, you haven’t adapted to the fourth. Hearing aids are not suitable. In fact, the most important thing to wear hearing aids is to choose a suitable one to find a professional test. The professional optician of the distribution center also has to wear both ears if the hearing is not good in both ears. This will improve the speech discrimination.

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