The elderly at home have poor ears, is it effective to use hearing aids?How to choose a hearing aid?

Are there any side effects from wearing hearing aids on a regular basis? Will it be like wearing glasses with higher power and worsening vision?

This is a concern of many hearing aid wearers.To a certain extent, wearing hearing aids is similar to wearing glasses. Hearing aids also need to go through special inspections and can be worn only after hearing aids are professionally adjusted.

Price expectations.Please do not use price as the only criterion. It is most important to choose a hearing aid that is cost-effective and suitable for you.Don’t be greedy for petty bargains!Because it’s not good to simply adjust the volume Hearing aid , Not only is not conducive to the protection of residual hearing, but also may cause secondary damage to the ear.

Is it okay to wear hearing aids for deaf people? This is for sure, and for most deaf patients, the most realistic way to date is to fit them. Hearing aid , And the more timely the better.

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