Do hearing aids have to be worn frequently to be effective?

Some users’ hearing loss needs to be compensated for clarity, but they feel expensive and only choose a basic type Hearing aid , It will definitely be noisy.Because your ability to “hear” sounds is the same as our normal hearing.The wearing of hearing aids is also a gradual process.The daily wearing time ranges from short to long, from a relatively quiet environment to a noisy environment, and the volume of the hearing aid is also from small to large; if you feel comfortable, you can wear it for more time. If you feel unwell, you must take it off and rest. Debugging at the fitting center.When you have passed the adaptation period of the hearing aid, the hearing aid will become your loyal partner!

In its July 2009 issue, an article entitled “Successful Listening in the Noise World” was published. Hearing aid , Hearing protection and the process of purchasing hearing aids were reported in detail.Hearing aid satisfaction was confirmed as early as in an authoritative study in 2006. More than 75% of satisfaction is consistent with the satisfaction of one-third of ordinary consumer products in the market. This is a great improvement.Research on the user’s wearing experience shows that wearing hearing aids usually improves the quality of life of users and can give them a lot of help: get along with their family more harmoniously; better mental health; can improve physical and mental health; more concentrated; more Can cooperate with social groups tacitly; can handle work better.

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