Can I wear hearing aids if I have tinnitus?

When the patient hears environmental sounds higher than its hearing threshold, the resolution of the nervous system for tinnitus and environmental sounds will gradually decrease to increase the effect of treatment.

The hearing aid treatment of tinnitus is similar to a tinnitus masking therapy.

Hearing aids can create an environment conducive to “talking” for patients.Hearing aids can amplify the surrounding background sound so that the tinnitus is no longer prominent, which is equivalent to the candle light is very eye-catching in the room with the curtains closed, and it is no longer eye-catching after the curtains are opened and the sun shines in.After wearing the hearing aid, the patient can get a chance to relax psychologically and listen to the doctor’s “talk” more cooperatively.Secondly, some hearing aids have the function of “sound therapy”, that is, using the plastic and learnable characteristics of the brain to emit sounds with a frequency close to tinnitus, but with a slower rhythm, mixed with the patient’s tinnitus, so that the patient gradually adapts to the tinnitus.

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