Why choose hearing aids as soon as possible?

XNUMX. Establish a foundation for the comprehensive rehabilitation and development of hearing-impaired children in the critical period of development, and it is easy to achieve a multiplier rehabilitation effect.

XNUMX. It is conducive to fully exploit and utilize the possibility of hearing and language acquisition of individual hearing-impaired children.

Early detection and diagnosis, early hearing compensation and early education are an intervention measure currently adopted by our country for children with hearing and language impairment, referred to as the “three early principles”.

Hearing aids can help deaf patients hear and hear clearly, which is convenient for study, work and life.If the hearing aid is not fitted in time or is not properly matched, it will not only affect communication, cause inconvenience to yourself and the people around you, but also aggravate hearing loss. The auditory system will not receive sound stimulation for a long time, which will cause the deterioration of the auditory center. It even affects the language function, so if there is a hearing problem, it should be selected as soon as possible Hearing aid .

Although the hearing loss is mild, as long as you feel that it has affected your normal work and life, you should wear a hearing aid to better communicate with others, but you must choose a hospital or a professional hearing aid fitting agency to wear a hearing aid. After a professional hearing aid is checked for you, it is correct to choose a hearing aid suitable for you. Otherwise, unsuitable hearing aids and incorrect wearing methods may not solve your existing hearing problems, and may give you Hearing caused second degree injury.

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