Hearing aids have been used for ten years, do they need to be replaced?

Hearing aid , Like anything used every day, life span is limited.As new models and features enter the market every year, they also develop rapidly.So when should I change the machine?Is it to be replaced when it is not available?Or do you change it as soon as there is a new product on the market?

XNUMX. Significant changes have taken place in your lifestyle or hearing ability. For example, you have changed a new job, the working environment and living environment have undergone major changes, and you need more functions of hearing aids to solve the problem in order to hear better. Hearing aids have been replaced.

XNUMX. Want to try new technologies: now Hearing aid The technology is developing very fast. The latest products on the market provide functions that their current hearing aids cannot have. If you want to try new things and want to hear better, you can replace them in about 3 years.

You drop your TV or computer to try it… Of course, this is an extreme analogy, but there are tests that prove that when the hearing aid falls from a height of 1.5 meters vertically, the components inside, especially the receiver, may be damaged and vibrate at the same time. The resulting displacement causes the electronic coils and other components to lose sensitivity, resulting in sound distortion and tone shifting.It is important to sit on the bed and store it properly, and keep it away from pets or people who are not familiar with hearing aids.There are a lot of telling the truth, but we cannot train every wearer to be an “engineer”, especially the elderly.

Hearing aid is a special rehabilitation equipment rather than a special commodity.No matter from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, its interior is very precise electronic components.Regularly go to the fitting center for in-depth cleaning and care.Only in this way can hearing aids work normally for a long time.When not in use for a long time, the hearing aid battery should be removed and stored in the dry box. Regularly put the battery in the hearing aid to work for half an hour and then put it back in the dry box for storage, so as not to cause problems when using the hearing aid.Therefore, the daily care of hearing aids is the key to prolonging the service life of hearing aids.

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