Do I need a hearing aid for hearing at 40 decibels?

Generally speaking, hearing loss of 30-40 decibels should be considered with Hearing aid ,丧失40-60分贝者效果最佳,丧失60-90分贝效果较好,丧失90-110分贝效果欠佳,丧失110分贝以上者配戴助听器无效。

Many people consider the option of hearing loss when they are moderate to severe. Hearing aid At this time, the optimal matching period has been delayed, and 40 decibels is mildHearing lossAt this stage, wearing hearing aids can help patients listen to low voices better, so that wearing hearing aids will not be able to adapt to all kinds of small sounds after the loss increases in the future, and it can more effectively improve the speech recognition rate and clarity.

Hearing aids and glasses are similar in function. Whether they need to be worn is mainly affected by the needs of life and is not entirely determined by the value of the hearing test.For people who often need to communicate with multiple people in an outdoor environment, the hearing threshold of 40 decibels may cause interference, and you can consider wearing hearing aids; but for people who rarely communicate outdoors, it is difficult for themselves Hearing is found to be worse than that of ordinary people, and hearing aids are of little significance.

As long as you feel that it has affected your normal work and life, you should wear a hearing aid to better communicate with others. However, you must choose a hospital or a professional hearing aid fitting agency to have a professional hearing aid for you. After checking the audiometry, it is correct to choose a hearing aid that suits you. Otherwise, unsuitable hearing aids and incorrect wearing methods may not solve your existing hearing problems, and may cause second-degree damage to your hearing.

Generally speaking, we find hearing loss, the sooner you wear a hearing aid, the better. If there is no sound to stimulate the auditory nerve for a long time, the hearing will gradually decline, and the hearing loss will not hear normal sounds for a long time, and the speech resolution will gradually decline.Even if you wear a hearing aid in the future, you can easily hear the sound, and you can’t hear what others are saying. At that time, even if you wear a hearing aid that matches your own hearing, the effect will not be so ideal.

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