Do you know the four major misunderstandings of tinnitus treatment?

Ear diseases greatly affect the hearing of patients. Tinnitus is a common disease in daily life. This disease is difficult to treat and is prone to recurrence. Many friends who suffer from tinnitus disease do not pay attention to it seriously. With the deterioration of this disease, experts say that scientific methods should be used in the treatment of tinnitus to avoid entering into treatment errors.

1. Go to some non-ENT hospitals for treatment.

Since there are no specialized equipment and no specialist doctors, they have little knowledge of otolaryngology and treatment experience. Only professional otolaryngology hospitals have better medical environment and medical equipment.

2. Believe in secret ancestral recipes or single proven recipes.

Spend a lot of money to serve, the so-called secret recipes passed down from the ancestors or wonderful single recipes, or even asking gods to worship the Buddha and mistakenly recognize the evil, etc., feudal superstition activities.

3. It is a minor illness and does not affect food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Most of them are diseases in other parts of the body, causing deafness and tinnitus. About 80% of the treatment methods for tinnitus.Deafness and tinnitus disease is manifested in the ears, but it is actually a warning of disease in other parts of the body.

4. Tinnitus is inflammation of the ear and the abuse of antibiotics.

After some patients with deafness and tinnitus, they think it is caused by inflammation in the ear, so cephalosporin, penicillin, streptomycin and so on.It’s not good to use it all.

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