Are there any side effects of children wearing hearing aids?

A hearing aid is a small loudspeaker that amplifies the original inaudible sound, and then uses the residual hearing of the hearing impaired to send the sound to the auditory center of the brain and feel the sound.It is mainly composed of five parts: microphone, amplifier, earphone, power supply and volume control.Hearing aids are divided into air conduction hearing aids and bone conduction according to the conduction method. Hearing aid ; According to the method of use, it is classified into box type, glasses type, hairpin type, behind-the-ear type, in-ear type, ear canal type, and deep ear canal type Hearing aid .

“Are there any side effects of wearing hearing aids regularly? Will it be the same as wearing glasses with higher degrees and worsening eyesight?” This is a problem that many hearing aid wearers are concerned about.

Hearing aids are “matched”, not “buy” back from the store.Just as eyeglasses require refraction, fitting hearing aids is a scientific and precise process.Before fitting, the medical history must be asked first, and then the hearing will be tested and evaluated comprehensively, and the audiogram will be drawn.Then the doctor puts the selected hearing aid in the hearing aid tester, and passes more than a dozen tests to see if its various performances meet the standards.Finally, try it on for a period of time according to each person’s unique ear structure. If subjectively feels uncomfortable, the fitting personnel will repeatedly adjust the various control devices of the hearing aid to achieve the best effect.

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