Which brands of hearing aids are suitable for children?

For many years, when choosing hearing aids for children, it is mainly to communicate with parents about the child’s condition and intervention measures. Many children are neurological.Hearing loss, Hearing and speech rehabilitation can only be obtained by matching and wearing suitable hearing aids.

Young children are in the stage of hearing and speech development, and deafness often causes speech and language barriers, so that they become deaf and mute.If the early selection is suitable Hearing aid Through hearing and language training, you can be able to listen and speak, be deaf but not dumb, return to the mainstream society, and become a useful material for society. As far as the current medical level is concerned, except for various conductive deafness, you can get it in the hospital In addition to timely treatment, there is no ideal and effective treatment plan for deaf children who have sensorineural hearing loss caused by various reasons and have caused speech development disorders. Therefore, it must be selected as soon as possible Hearing aid

In the communication, the most concerned question for parents is: “What brand of hearing aid is the best?” The matching of children’s hearing aids is different from the matching of adult hearing aids, and the requirements are higher. If the matching is not appropriate, it will cause the child’s hearing to be further degraded or not reached. The expected effect will delay the child’s speech formation and even the intellectual development.

There are some children with severe hearing loss that cannot fully achieve the above goals, but the goals themselves represent corresponding clinical expectations. Professional fittings must be conducted to understand the impact of low-frequency, mid-frequency, and high-frequency amplification, and whether the compensation of hearing aid frequencies needs to be adjusted and improved, and Do you need to wear more suitable and advanced hearing aids?From this point of view, in order to obtain a “good” hearing aid, a hearing-impaired person must be professionally fitted with professional equipment and methods by professionals (hearing experts or fitting technicians).

Speaking of this, you will understand: buying a hearing aid is different from buying an ordinary product. It is not just picking in the store, but like optometry and glasses, you should go to a specialized fitting institution for a hearing test. Choose suitable hearing aids so that your child can achieve the best hearing compensation and lay a good foundation for further listening and language training.

Children’s hearing and language training after wearing hearing aids
Most children wearing hearing aids have some difficulties in understanding what others are saying and expressing their wishes, such as slurred pronunciation. Therefore, children need listening and language training after wearing hearing aids.For children with severe deafness, their hearing cannot achieve the best results even after wearing hearing aids, and it may be difficult to achieve the ideal communication purpose only with hearing aids.Therefore, it is particularly important to train children with hearing aids.

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