The resolution is very poor, how to choose a hearing aid?

When economic conditions, comfort, and power are all satisfied, wear a customized machine as much as possible (customized machines are divided into in-ear machine ITE, ear canal machine ITC, deep ear canal machine CIC, and full invisible machine MICRO CIC) Its main Features are: 1) Make full use of the physiological functions of the human ear, use the auricle to collect more high-frequency sounds, make the sound clear, and improve speech recognition; 2) Beautiful, concealed, and avoid psychological obstacles; 3) Convenient and free from movement restrictions ; 4) Convenient to answer the phone.When the hearing patient’s hearing exceeds 110dbHL, the BTE machine should be considered when the power of the customized machine cannot satisfy the patient.Some hearing-impaired patients are particularly sensitive to external things. Wearing an in-ear machine, ear canal machine or deep ear canal may have a plugging effect, especially low-frequency loss. Hearing with severe high-frequency loss is more likely to have a plugging effect. You can choose a moda or moxi machine, or you can choose a MICRO CIC custom machine, so that the ear plugging effect will be minimized.

The advantage of wearing a hearing aid is that it can effectively compensate for the loss of hearing, and then encourage patients to communicate and read frequently with others, thereby improving speech resolution.Although hearing loss is irreversible, speech resolution can be improved through contact.The hearing loss of the general elderly is gradualHearing loss, That is, as time goes by, I slowly feel that I can’t hear what others are saying, especially in a noisy environment.This is due to the loss of certain frequency bands. If words in these frequency bands are not heard for a long time, speech will be lost, resulting in “speech degradation”. At this time, the brain’s ability to recognize speech is also degrading.

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