I have poor hearing, and I can’t hear other people in a noisy environment with a hearing aid. What’s the matter?

Everyone wants to hear better without being disturbed by the environment.Then, we should understand how to make full use of the functions of hearing aids and play the biggest role of hearing aids under the existing hearing conditions.In many cases, a hearing aid is like a close friend of ours. When you learn to understand it, you will find that the more you understand its temperament, the more you can use it freely, and the effect will be better and better.

In the clinic, I often encounter some patients because they can’t use it correctly. Hearing aid , I didn’t get used to it after wearing it, so I gave up soon.For hearing-impaired people, just like people wearing glasses and new dentures, there will be an adaptation process, which can be as short as one or two months, and as long as one or two years. When the hearing aid is first worn, the volume control knob is turned on and then Gradually increase to facilitate adaptation. The time for wearing hearing aids is changed from short to longer. According to the adaptability, the time is gradually extended. When you first wear it, you should choose a quiet room. One or two people can communicate face-to-face. It can be used in social and public places very freely.It should also be emphasized that hearing aids cannot restore normal hearing, nor can they fully compensateHearing loss, Even the most ideal Hearing aid , It is also difficult to completely solve the problem of poor language resolution, and it is difficult to achieve good hearing aid effects in a bad listening environment. Therefore, it is necessary to have a suitable expectation when selecting hearing aids.After explaining clearly to the customer, the customer generally accepts it with pleasure, understands the situation of the hearing aid and their own situation, and improves their quality of life through adaptation.

The noise reduction technology of current hearing aids is also very good, allowing you to hear the noise without feeling uncomfortable.For example, the noise suppression function of a hearing aid, the chip of the hearing aid automatically calculates the characteristics of the input sound, so as to distinguish between noise and speech.Then we are doing different magnifications.For example, the directional technology of the microphone.The hearing aid detects the noise and automatically changes its directionality.For all CIC hearing aids, they are single microphones. Due to their small size, multiple microphones cannot be set, but the auricle can be used to adjust the directionality naturally.

From the perspective of the period of the disease, the shorter the hearing loss time, the better the effect of wearing hearing aids. The longer the time, the worse the perception and resolution of sound.Haizhisheng Hearing Center reminds you that if you have hearing problems, you should seek medical treatment in time.When the treatment fails, choose a hearing aid in time, because listening is more important than speaking.

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