Can the hearing aid be removed after being worn for a long time?

Everyone knows that when they get older, their eyesight will decline. Therefore, the elderly basically need to wear reading glasses to help see things. The hearing situation is actually similar to the eyesight situation. It can only be said to be more complicated. Just imagine, presbyopia without old age. Reading glasses, the vision problem will be more serious, and hearing loss will not be worn Hearing aid , The hearing will get worse and worse.

Deafness is a common ear, nose and throat disease with a very high incidence and great harm.In daily life, some people wear it in time due to illness Hearing aid .

Wearing a hearing aid will play a role in maintaining normal hearing.But the premise is that you need to wear suitable hearing aids, so you need to go to a formal, large-scale hearing aid chain organization, hearing aid fitting center, and find a professional hearing aid fitting technician to test your hearing aids.To be precise, wearing professionally-fitted hearing aids of appropriate quality will not aggravate the degree of deafness, and will help to slow down the deafness process.

Hearing aids are equivalent to wearing a loudspeaker on the ears, and their role is to amplify the sound, just like wearing myopic glasses on the eyes to correct vision.Is it good to wear hearing aids? Many patients have the same problem, that is, hearing aids are good for the first time, but hearing is getting worse over time, and they will receive all the sounds within a certain range at the same time, but they can’t hear clearly.I wonder if the hearing problem is aggravated or there is a problem with the hearing aid?In fact, this problem does occur when wearing a hearing aid, but it is not caused by the hearing aid itself. The problem lies in the ear: first, people’s hearing is not static, and some diseases (such as colds, etc.) may cause hearing loss; second, With age, people’s hearing function will also decline, which is true for both normal people and patients with ear diseases.Therefore, we should correctly understand the role of hearing aids, use hearing aids reasonably, and have reasonable expectations for hearing aids.

1. Hearing aids are not ordinary products. It is best to go through professional fitting and not to buy at will.You can go to a professional fitting center to pass a hearing check by the fitting staff, and choose a suitable hearing aid to compensate for the residual hearing.
2. The auditory nerve will “use in and out”. The elderly should wear hearing aids as early as possible, and don’t wait until the deafness develops to be very serious. Wearing hearing aids for a long time can restore the degraded auditory function.

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