Do I need a hearing aid if my hearing is around 40?

It is recommended to go to a professional hearing center to have a detailed examination. Hearing loss should be intervened as early as possible.Hearing loss, May not be needed temporarily Hearing aid , You can complete daily communication, but as time grows, the speech resolution will decrease significantly.Although the hearing loss is mild, as long as you feel that it has affected your normal work and life, you should wear hearing aids as soon as possible to better communicate with others.

However, each person has a different adaptation period for hearing aids. You can shorten or extend the adaptation period according to your actual situation.If you have any problems during the adaptation period, you should contact the inspector in time, and ask the inspector to adjust the hearing aid parameters, try to shorten the adaptation period, and maximize the effect of the hearing aid.

It is best not to exceed 1-3 hours a day during the first few days of the patient wearing hearing aids.First-time wearers should gradually adapt to the presence of hearing aids and slowly extend the time of wearing hearing aids. When feeling nervous or tired, they should take off the hearing aids and rest for several hours.During the adaptation period, let yourself gradually adapt to the sound of the surrounding environment. In the first few weeks, avoid going to noisy places, such as supermarkets, airports, etc.

Many people feel that their hearing will get worse after wearing hearing aids.Need not Hearing aid , It will only aggravate hearing difficulties and accelerate the process of hearing degradation.On the other hand, wearing a suitable hearing aid itself will not cause hearing loss.But there is one exception-the use of hearing aids that are not suitable for deaf patients can aggravate hearing loss.Without glasses, the degree of myopia will increase. This is because it is needed without the help of glasses, which can only lead to excessive visual fatigue and accelerate the process of refractive errors.Hearing is the same.Needing without hearing aids will only aggravate hearing difficulties and accelerate hearing degradation.To be precise, wearing a hearing aid that has been accurately fitted, suitable and qualified, will not only cause hearing loss worsening, will not aggravate the degree of deafness, but will help to slow down the deafness process. 300-degree myopia wearing 800-degree myopia is obviously harmful and unhelpful, and the same is true for hearing aids.Therefore, hearing aids also need to be fitted, and it is a more complicated and detailed fitting than glasses.

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