How to equip the elderly with hearing aids?

Many patients with presbycusis and their family members believe that deafness is a normal phenomenon for the elderly.There are also elderly people who are very repulsive of hearing aids, worrying that long-term use of hearing aids will damage their hearing and become dependent on hearing aids.These erroneous views can cause severe hearing impairment in the elderly.

Modern hearing aids can already provide satisfactory hearing compensation for the elderly deaf.Deaf people in developed countries start to wear low power when their hearing loss is 30-40db Hearing aid , In order to improve the quality of life; and many elderly people in our country have a hearing loss of 50~70db, and they often hesitate to choose a hearing aid for rehabilitation. There are economic factors, but the more important thing is the cognitive problem. I believe that with our country With the development of economy, this situation will gradually improve as the elderly increase their requirements for physical and mental health and quality of life.

Follow-up:Debug and correct as needed Hearing aid .

Just as we have to adapt to glasses and dentures, there is also an adaptation process for hearing aids.When just wearing a hearing aid, you must first listen to some simple sounds in a quiet environment, such as the ticking of clocks and watches, the sound of running water from the tap, the sound of your own footsteps, etc.; after a period of time, practice listening to your own voice and gradually transition to Listen to the conversations of a few people when they are together, listen to the sound of the radio and TV; only then can you go to public places with complex environments.Without this adaptation process, you would go into a noisy environment from the beginning, and the amplified complex sounds would enter the ears, which would be very harsh, and you would lose trust and confidence in your hearing aids.

All in all, the choice of hearing aids is not the best, only the most suitable.The more suitable a hearing aid is, the more likely it is to produce the best results.It is emphasized that the elderly and young people have some problems and complaints about the use of hearing aids. Take more time to understand these problems, and patiently explain what hearing aids can and cannot be done. It will definitely help patients to a considerable extent.

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