Can I wear hearing aids if my hearing was poor since I was a child?

According to national standards, the degree of hearing loss is divided into the following categories:

Normal hearing: -10~25 decibels, which belongs to the normal hearing range of sound.

MildHearing loss; 26~40 decibels, it is difficult to distinguish small sounds in life.Severe hearing loss; 41~55 decibels. It is a little difficult to communicate with others in daily life, and it will feel unclear.

Moderate to severe hearing loss; 56 to 70 decibels, you need a louder voice to communicate with others, and even the hearing is not clear.Severe hearing loss; 71 to 90 decibels or more, you need to shout loudly, the car’s whistle louder sound will respond, extremely severe hearing loss;

If it is greater than 90 decibels, only hearing aids must help to hear.

Hearing aid is an auxiliary device that helps people with hearing loss compensate part of the sound, so that people with hearing loss can hear the sound or hear more.Hearing aids are not harmful to the human body. As long as the right hearing aids are selected and used in a formal place, they are generally good for our hearing and not harmful.Wearing a suitable hearing aid and using it correctly, it can also effectively protect our residual hearing, slow down our hearing loss, improve or maintain the existing language discrimination ability. For hearing loss with tinnitus, it can also play a role To suppress tinnitus.

Generally, hearing loss of 26 to 55 decibels requires hearing aids. The earlier hearing aids are equipped, the better the hearing protection.

The wearing of hearing aids can not achieve good hearing effects as soon as they are worn. Wearing hearing aids has a process of adaptation, which basically takes one month to adapt.Since the hearing impaired people live in a silent world or a very quiet state for a long time, they may feel noisy when wearing them at first, their ears are dull, and they are not used to them. All these need to be adapted and overcome.

When wearing it, you can first wear it at home or in a relatively quiet situation. When you start wearing it, you should wear it for a short time every day. In the first week, wear it for two to three hours a day, and then gradually increase the wearing time every week until you wear it every day.When you start wearing it, you need to adapt in a quiet or simple environment. In the second week, you can go to the park and other quieter environments to listen. In the third week, you can try to go to the supermarket and other complex environments to adapt, and in the fourth week you can go to the vegetable market, etc. I went to listen in a noisy environment.However, each person has a different adaptation period for hearing aids. You can shorten or extend the adaptation period according to your actual situation.If you have any problems during the adaptation period, you should contact the inspector in time, ask the inspector to adjust the hearing aid parameters, try to shorten the adaptation period, and maximize the effect of the hearing aid.

What kind of hearing aid is good?

The “good” and “bad” of hearing aids are generally felt and subjectively evaluated by hearing loss users, but for a professional service organization or professional service personnel, the “good” and “bad” of hearing aids must be scientifically evaluated. , Objective evaluation and testing.

The so-called fitting is to provide a Hearing aid “Good” is a multi-dimensional concept, including the improvement of speech resolution, the improvement of audibility in the environment, the pros and cons of sound quality and loudness, and whether it is comfortable or not.In short, it means that users with hearing loss can successfully cope with sounds in life. Among them, the discrimination of speech and sound is the most important for users with hearing loss.To know whether a hearing aid improves the speech resolution of hearing-impaired users, it is necessary to pass related hearing tests to determine whether the hearing aid best meets the following fitting criteria:

1. Restore sufficient hearing sensitivity so that users with hearing loss can hear language or environmental sounds that they cannot hear without hearing aids (improve or increase the degree of audibility);

2. Restore and maintain language resolution and comprehension, so that the voice of the language can be heard clearly in various environments (the degree of hearing clearly);

3. The voice or environmental sound in a noisy environment should also achieve the above goals as much as possible;

4. Maintain a high sound intensity, but do not reach the discomfort threshold (a sound that is uncomfortable after hearing the human ear, and some excessively loud sounds can also cause ear discomfort, ear canal itching, etc.) level.

Hearing aid is a hearing aid device that can amplify and process part of the sound. Modern high-tech hearing aids can perform more pre-processing on the sound. However, the current technology still cannot completely replace the function of the human brain, so no hearing aid can be 100% % Solve all hearing problems.

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