Can the hearing aid be worn at any time?Any precautions?

When talking to others, try to face each other as much as possible.Other family members should be aware that speaking loudly can make hearing aid users feel uncomfortable.You should talk at a moderate volume and try to eliminate interference factors such as covering your mouth with your hands, chewing or talking while watching TV.

Hearing aids must be accurately fitted, and not greedy and convenient to buy at will.Improper use of hearing aids will seriously damage the patient’s residual hearing!Hearing aids are not sphygmomanometers, so you can’t buy them at random in stores. Experienced fitting technicians, qualified fitting environment and professional process control are indispensable. Therefore, it is recommended that patients have a qualified medical device business license and long-term professional experience. Hearing aid matching organizations seek help. Don’t let those four organizations without formal operation stores, authorized manufacturers, professional technicians, and medical device licenses damage valuable residual hearing and make hearing patients regret for life.

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