How long does it take to adapt to hearing aids?

Whether it is an adult or a child wearing a hearing aid for the first time, there will be an adaptation process. During the adaptation period, we may feel that wearing a hearing aid will be noisy, wind noise is relatively loud, and we are not accustomed to the sound of hearing aids. This is a normal phenomenon.In fact, wearing hearing aids is like wearing new shoes. After a period of running-in, you can easily go on the road; friends who have changed glasses must also know that wearing new glasses requires a period of wearing before they can be used “unaware”. .Hearing aids are the same. The adaptation period is very important, especially for younger children and older people. The initial impression and reasonable cognition of hearing aids is very important.

We selected Hearing aid , The first time I wear it, it feels like I have just put on glasses or dentures-uncomfortable and requires a process of adaptation.The sound we hear with a hearing aid or with a cochlear implant is different from the sound we hear directly with our naked ears, so we have to try our best to adapt to this new sound.The length of this adaptation period and the effect are determined by his age, physical condition, hearing loss, time of deafness, and cognitive attitude.In the stage of adapting to hearing aids, a gradual principle can be adopted in the wearing time of hearing aids. First wear them for a short time and slowly increase the wearing time. After adapting to the hearing aids, it is recommended that patients with hearing aids should wear them except for sleep time. Hearing aid .

After the adaptation period, we still recommend using it throughout the day, whether at home or out, whether it is doing housework or talking with people, and if possible, you should try to wear hearing aids in both ears, which will improve the signal-to-noise ratio and clear speech. Speed ​​and noise reduction are of great help.Of course, in an excessively noisy environment, you can temporarily remove the hearing aid, because this background noise will reduce the resolution of the hearing aid, resulting in unclear hearing; when you feel tired or sick, the hearing aid will have an effect. If it falls, it is recommended to take off the hearing aid and put it on again after resting for a few hours.
It should also be reminded that even if the hearing aid is worn well, you should return to the hospital for a hearing assessment after 2-3 months, and re-adjust the device to ensure that the hearing aid works normally.

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