Are there any contraindications to wearing hearing aids?

Once the elderly find hearing loss, they should go to the hospital in time, and actively adopt treatment and rehabilitation methods after finding out the cause. Don’t stick to the traditional concept. “People with old ears and vertigo” are natural laws that cannot be changed, and there is no need for treatment. Recovery.Because the neuropsychological test of the elderly shows that the elderly group with hearing impairment has poor control beliefs, poor psychological feelings, and depressive tendencies.This shows that hearing impairment is not so “natural”. It will also cause psychological trauma to patients, which will seriously affect their quality of life, greatly reduce their ability to participate in society, and bring more to individuals, families, and society. Big loss.

Scientific choice Hearing aid , Is to choose an amplifier with clear listening, comfortable wearing, and appropriate gain, taking into account the power of the hearing aid, the matching of frequency response characteristics, the maximum sound output and other technical indicators.

Are there any contraindications to wearing hearing aids?

Hearing aid notes

1. Hearing aids are afraid of water.You should remove it when washing your face, bathing, washing your hair, and when you are outdoors when it rains. Hearing aid .When wearing it in summer, prevent sweat from entering the hearing aid, wipe the hearing aid every day, and try to keep the hearing aid clean and dry.It is recommended that you use an electronic nursing treasure dedicated to hearing aids.

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