Binaural hearing loss, can the hearing aid be equipped with only one side?

In the process of fitting hearing aids, I found that when patients have hearing loss in both ears, they often ask to buy only one Hearing aid , Use one ear to listen, and hope that the effect will be better after wearing it like this. If the effect is good, you can match the hearing aid of the other ear. If it is not good, it will not be worthy and give up!Or when trying to listen to the machine again, the user asks to plug one ear, and only use one ear that is not very good at hearing the effect after wearing the hearing aid.I feel a headache about this kind of thing, because I know very well that if both ears have hearing loss, then unless both ears are worn Hearing aid , And then go through the adaptation period, and then listen to it, otherwise the effect will not be very good.

Why do people have two ears?Because the brain needs the information input from the two ears to determine the direction of the sound.We can judge the sound position because of the physical distance between our ears.For example: the car horn on your left takes less time to reach your left ear and has more energy.This is why you can immediately know that the car is approaching quickly from the left.This natural method allows you to live safely and comfortably every day.

Experts especially emphasized,As long as conditions permit, two hearing aids must be worn.Wearing hearing aids in both ears conforms to the laws of hearing science.It can make both brains receive sound information from both ears at the same time, producing a “stereo” effect.Contribute to sound localization, help eliminate environmental sound interference, and help improve and restore “selective” hearing ability.

Not all deaf people can wear binaural hearing aids.It is not suitable to use binaural hearing aids in the following situations:
1. Hearing on one side is completely normal;
2. An ear developmental abnormality/recurrent thickening/diagnosed and proved that there is no hearing and can not be equipped with a hearing aid.Hearing lossWhen (or residual hearing) are not equal, the hearing aid effect of both ears may not be the same. The greater the loss gap, the greater the effect gap.Generally speaking, when the hearing loss difference between the two ears is greater than 40dB, the use of hearing aids for the poorer ears can only play an auxiliary role.Even so, the effect of wearing a binaural hearing aid is still much better than wearing a single ear.

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