Is it necessary to intervene in children with unilateral deafness?

Language has become a huge obstacle to their growth.We know that children with single hearing loss are not as good as normal children at least in terms of spoken language.

Congenital ear malformations, brain trauma or infection, diseases such as meningitis, can all cause single deafness.Children’s single-ear hearing loss is difficult to detect because these children appear to have normal hearing on the surface.Conversely, their hearing impairment may often be mistaken for being inattentive or not listening.

Unilateral hearing loss, usually refers to the normal or near normal hearing in one ear, and the other side hasHearing loss.

Bilateral hearing conforms to normal auditory physiology, producing stereoscopic hearing.Bilateral hearing can improve speech recognition rate, especially in a noisy environment, bilateral hearing can improve hearing threshold.Bilateral hearing is very important for sound localization and orientation. Sound source localization is related to children’s safety and speech comprehension.Bilateral hearing is conducive to balance.So whether it is Hearing aid + Hearing aid , Hearing aid + cochlear implant, cochlear implant + cochlear implant, the effect of bilateral listening must be greater than the unilateral effect.

Doctors paired 74 children with single ear hearing loss between the ages of 6 and 12 with a brother or sister to avoid the influence of other variables such as environment and genes.The researchers tested the children’s oral and written language skills.The test results showed that the scores of children with single hearing loss were lower than the average value of normal children, indicating that single hearing loss had a great impact on these children.

When analyzing the family background of these single-deaf children, the researchers found that these children have a difficult family background and their mothers have lower education levels. A large number of studies have shown that these factors can seriously affect the children’s language development and education level.
Although we still lack effective methods to treat and help children with single ear deafness, more importantly, we must be fully aware of the serious harm of single ear deafness, and we must not ignore the single ear deafness because there is still a key ear.

Finally, the researchers pointed out that children with unilateral hearing loss still show a lagging trend in functional hearing and the development of cognition and expression language compared with their hearing peers.That is to say, if you want unilateral hearing-impaired children to have the same receiving resources as other hearing-impaired children, or to have the same healthy and developed left and right brains, hearing intervention on the hearing-impaired ears is needed.

Intervention Principles for Child Deafness: Early Intervention

Infants and young children with deafness should follow the three-early principle, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment.So what are the benefits of early intervention for deaf children?

Early intervention for deaf children can make full use of their language advantages in the critical period of speech development, and form a speech ability that is close to or even equivalent to that of normal children.At the same time, early intervention is also critical to the early education of deaf children. During the critical period of early education, only hearing compensation is good, can receive good sound stimulation, and obtain auditory rehabilitation, while also gaining cognitive improvement and socialization. , Personality, emotion, and artistic expression.Early intervention allows deaf children to have opportunities and rights to interact with others and society, and return to the mainstream as soon as possible.

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