If the elderly have poor hearing, will there be any impact if they do not have a hearing aid?

According to scientific research, compared with the elderly with normal hearing, the elderly with hearing loss have worse thinking and memory.Hearing decline, the brain receives less sound stimulation, and more energy is needed to process the sound, so some energy originally used to process memory and thinking will be sacrificed, which will lead to the decline of thinking and memory in the elderly in the long term.Therefore, the elderly will experience difficulties in communication and decreased communication in their lives.Over time, the elderly lose their interest in social interaction, gradually isolate themselves from the outside world, become reticent and have a low self-esteem.The elderly have poor hearing and not wearing hearing aids seriously affect the mental health of the elderly.

There are more and more elderly people with poor hearing.This situation is often encountered in stores: family members think that the hearing of the elderly has seriously affected their daily life, and it is recommended that they wear Hearing aid .However, the old man couldn’t accept it from his heart when he heard that hearing aids were required.I think I can hear, I don’t need it, or even emotionally a little bit against the process of fitting and wearing a hearing aid.

Due to the decline of the physiology of the elderly, the function of the hearing system is also weakened day by day.Some elderly people have reduced communication with the outside world due to hearing loss, psychologically withdrawn, and even senile dementia, which seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly.Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly should wear it as soon as possible Hearing aid , The elderly wearing hearing aids as early as possible can not only reduce the degree of hearing loss and maintain normal hearing activities, but also prevent the elderly from being affected in their later life.

Deaf children and adult deaf-mute people need to wear hearing aids in time.Early intervention should be implemented for deaf children, including early diagnosis and detection, early wearing of hearing aids and early hearing and language training for deaf children, which can ideally restore hearing and improve language skills; for adult deaf-mute people, first accurately test out For the patient’s hearing, determine whether there is residual hearing. If there is residual hearing, go to a professional hearing aid fitting center for fitting in time.

Wearing a hearing aid requires an adaptation process. You must listen in a quiet environment first, and then you can listen to a noisy place after a month.

The parents have worked hard and busy for most of their lives. As the age continues to increase, various organs begin to show a trend of decline in function.Among them, ear hearing loss or even deafness is a common situation for everyone.Nowadays, science and technology continue to advance, and a variety of devices that help to improve hearing have been developed-hearing aids.In my opinion, hearing is beginning to decay. If it affects normal life, you still need to wear hearing aids.Although hearing aids may be slightly uncomfortable to wear.However, he brought great convenience to life.

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