To prevent ear damage, start with these 6 small daily things

Let’s first understand the ear. The ear is divided into three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear receives external sounds and will cause the tympanic membrane to vibrate along the ear canal. The vibration of the tympanic membrane of the middle ear causes three small bones-cone and stapes And the drill bone vibrates up and down to transmit sound to the inner ear. The inner ear can produce nerve impulses. The impulses are transformed into nerve energy along the auditory nerve, from where the sound information is transmitted to the brain.

Many people like to listen to songs with earphones while doing other things. Because of the excessive pursuit of sound effects, the volume is adjusted too loudly without paying attention, and the listening time is too long. Over time, some people’s hearing loss can be caused.In order to protect our ears and protect our hearing.Just like eyes, ears are the most important gateway for us to keep in touch with the outside world.Having a good hearing will benefit us for life, we can listen to beautiful music, and we can chat with family and friends.However, the maintenance of good hearing needs our careful care.Let us see how to care for the ears below.

Some people like to dig their ears with fingernails, hairpins, ear spoons or even iron picks. This is actually very dangerous. Carelessness can easily puncture the skin of the external auditory canal, causing inflammation of the external auditory canal, and even perforation of the tympanic membrane, which can affect hearing the most.When digging out your ears, it is good to dip a cotton swab with some alcohol and gently rotate it in the external auditory canal. Try not to dig out your ears with sharp objects such as nails or iron swabs. In addition, do not form the habit of frequent ear digging.Generally speaking, about once a week is sufficient.If you don’t take out your ears for a long time, it may form a cerumen embolism. It is difficult to take it out by yourself at this time. You should go to the hospital to take it out with special equipment.

Do ear exercises three times a day

The ear is where the ancestral vein gathers.There are many acupuncture points distributed in human ears, which maintain close contact with the whole body through the meridians, so ear exercises in the morning, midday and evening rubbing can cure diseases and strengthen the body.

Specific measures:

Use your hands to pat your ears 100 times every morning; at noon, you can pinch the eye points and surrounding area of ​​the earlobe, each time you pinch the auricle to heat up; at night, stick to rub the ears with a hot towel, gently rub the ears up and down 40 times, towel Rub the towel after it is cold to prevent colds.

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