What should I do if my child has otitis media?Mom must pay attention

Otitis media is one of the common diseases in childhood, 70% to 80% of which are caused by colds.If the parents do not pay enough attention and do not take active treatment, it may cause the baby’s hearing loss and affect the child’s learning and development.

Otitis media refers to inflammatory lesions that involve all or part of the middle ear (including the Eustachian tube, tympanum, tympanic sinus, and mastoid air chamber). Otitis media is more common in children.According to the different causes, it can be divided into two categories: non-suppurative and suppurative.Usually our most common otitis media is suppurative otitis media.

【 treatment】

1. Secretory otitis media is very common in children, and most of them can be cured, so don’t worry too much, but you can’t ignore it. Because the child’s immunity is still low, parents need to take care of it carefully to avoid delays in treatment leading to complications .Drugs can be given to antibiotics, hormones, mucus dilution promoting agents, nasal sprays that constrict the nasal cavity, and the eustachian tube can be inflated for older children who can cooperate.
2. Surgical treatment: For adults with poor conservative treatment, tympanic membrane puncture can be considered to remove effusion. For those who cannot cooperate with puncture and aspiration or repetitive effusion, tympanostomy and catheterization should be considered, if there are adenoids at the same time. Hypertrophy requires adenoidectomy at the same time.The indwelling time of the snorkel is generally 3 to 12 months, and most children can discharge the snorkel out of the external auditory canal by themselves.
3. So don’t panic the subject, seek medical advice in time, and wish your child a speedy recovery.

5. Avoid keeping your baby with a pacifier for a long time.Because frequent sucking action is easy to cause germs to enter the Eustachian tube from the back of the nasal cavity, causing infection.

By the way, remind parents who have babies at home, if adults do not avoid their babies if they smoke, the smell of cigarettes is also the culprit in inducing acute otitis media in babies!In addition, if the baby is breast-fed, then Bao Ma must not eat spicy food!For babies fed with milk powder, remember to pay attention to the baby’s stool at all times to avoid getting angry.Rage is also one of the factors that induce inflammation in the baby.

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