What should the elderly pay attention to when wearing hearing aids?

(6) Finally, listen to radio and TV broadcasts, don’t pursue too high, just understand.

The elderly need to choose according to their hearing loss Hearing aid In particular, the flexibility of the fingers of the elderly decreases, and it is more necessary to comprehensively consider the characteristics of their hearing, the surrounding environment of life, and the ease of operation of hearing aids.It must be uncomfortable to just wear a hearing aid, and it is also uncomfortable for normal people to put something in their ears, but if you get used to it, there is no problem. You must have this mental preparation in your heart.Slowly extend the wearing time, first wear it in a quiet environment, and then slowly transition to a noisy environment. When talking to the elderly, you should try to speak slowly, communicate with the elderly more, and patiently help encourage the elderly to spend the adaptation period

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