What are the performances that need special attention when choosing hearing aids?


Hearing aid is a device that helps to listen to sound, through which the sound can be amplified to different degrees.When patients cannot effectively improve their hearing through drugs, surgery and other methods, and accept the doctor’s suggestion to improve communication through hearing aids, they should pay attention to the correct choice of hearing instruments that suit them.The importance of hearing aid sound quality Sound quality is the quality of the sound, which reflects the objective technical level of the sound output of the hearing aid, and at the same time integrates some subjective listening experience of the user. “High sound quality” means that the sound needs to be “high fidelity” during processing.Only “high fidelity” can guarantee high definition. It can also be said that sound quality determines the effect of hearing aids and the quality of hearing aids.

There must be an adaptation period for hearing aids for the first time:

The elderly wear hearing aids have an adaptation period, about three to five months.During the adaptation period, the volume of the hearing aid should be turned down as much as possible. At the beginning, the wearing time should not be too long, just a few minutes each time, and then gradually increase.

If the elderly are looking for invisibility, and the hearing loss has not reached the extreme level, you can consider the in-ear type Hearing aid , Even 100% invisible Hearing aid .However, when selecting and matching, you should pay attention to check whether the external auditory canal of the elderly is damaged, whether there is any in-ear disease, and stop wearing it as soon as possible if it is unsuitable.The in-ear hearing aid maintains the resonant peak of the ear canal at the frequency of the resonance peak of the external auditory canal of a normal person, and because it has a better ability to compensate for high frequencies, the in-ear hearing aid can improve the intelligibility of wearing speech. 

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