Does unilateral hearing loss or mild hearing loss require intervention?

The International Health Organization (WHO-1997) grades hearing loss as follows:

Mild hearing loss refers to a mild hearing loss of 26-40 decibelsHearing lossBecause the normal language communication is about 50 decibels, most patients with mild hearing loss feel that there is no problem in daily communication, but they can’t hear some quiet speech or long-distance sounds.

With the increase of age, the auditory hair cells of the inner ear decline and age, and the analytical ability of the brain’s auditory center also declines.However, the elderly generally do not want to admit that they have “backed their ears”, and often think that other people’s voices are light or unclear.This is because the deafness is always dominated by high-frequency loss, and it is difficult to hear high-frequency consonants (initials) such as z, c, s, and low-frequency vowels (vowels) such as a, o, and e. It is manifested as being able to hear people speaking, but often not understanding, and asking others to say it again.Modern hearing aids have been able to provide satisfactory hearing compensation for the elderly hearing impaired.Deaf people in developed countries start to wear low power at 30-40dB Hearing aid In order to improve the quality of life, many elderly people in my country are often hesitant to choose hearing aids for rehabilitation when they have 50-70dB hearing loss.There are economic factors here, but the more important thing is the problem of understanding.I believe that with the development of the economy, this situation will gradually improve as the elderly’s requirements for physical and mental health and quality of life increase.

The sooner you start tracking your hearing, the better.If the test shows that there has been some hearing loss, you can start to take steps to prevent it from getting worse.If needed Hearing aid , Audiologists will help.

Lifelong hearing health starts with yourself.Pay attention to the noise level during work and entertainment.If you can take reasonable measures to protect your ears from noise interference is the best preventive measure.If you suspect that you may have hearing loss, you should see an ear doctor as soon as possible to prevent worsening ear conditions.

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