What are the functions of hearing aids?

Many hearing aid users feel anxious in the early stage of wearing them, and hope that their hearing will return to normal after wearing the hearing aid.However, a hearing aid is not a treatment method, but a hearing aid device, which cannot make the user’s hearing the same as a normal person.In a formal hearing aid fitting center, check the hearing condition, and conduct professional fitting and debugging according to the individual’s hearing loss Hearing aid , It can effectively delay the process of hearing loss and maintain the existing hearing and speech ability.When you don’t usually wear hearing aids, you should also pay attention to your ear habits. Some people may be exposed to noise for a long time. In this case, you should choose sound insulation to protect your ears and reduce noise irritation to the eardrum. In this way, everyone’s hearing can be protected.

There is no doubt that hearing aids are definitely useful for deaf patients, but how useful they are for hearing rehabilitation depends on the following factors: (1) The expectations of hearing aids must be realistic and understand the performance characteristics of hearing aids.As a medical device, hearing aids cannot solve all the problems of patients.Only when patients fully understand the characteristics of hearing aids, can they give up unrealistic ideas. (2) Correct selection Hearing aid .Hearing aid selection is an important part of hearing rehabilitation.Different patients have different degrees of deafness.Hearing aids are a means to help patients make effective use of residual hearing.Therefore, the patient must go to a professional organization for the correct selection, so that the hearing aid can play the best role.

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