A reasonable diet can greatly reduce the probability of deafness

Some data show that the prevalence of presbycusis is as high as 65%-30% among the elderly over 50 years old.The reasons are closely related to the degeneration of ear microvessels, cochlear diseases and the degeneration of systemic functions.Medical research has shown that if you can pay attention to diet as soon as possible, you can prevent and reduce the occurrence of presbycusis.

(1). Limit fat intake.A large intake of fatty foods will increase blood lipids, increase blood viscosity, and cause arteriosclerosis.The inner ear is most sensitive to blood supply disturbances. When blood circulation disturbances occur, it will lead to a lack of nutrition in the auditory nerve and cause deafness.Therefore, the total daily fat intake of the elderly should be controlled at about 40 grams, and various fat-rich foods such as animal offal, fatty meat, butter, egg yolk, fish roe, and fried foods should be reduced.The total amount of cholesterol in daily food should be less than 300 mg.Eat less animal fat and cholesterol-rich foods, such as egg yolks, animal offal, prawns, and cream.The cooking method should be stewed and boiled as far as possible, and frying and frying should be avoided.

(2). Supplement more foods rich in protein and vitamins.Research by relevant experts has found that noise can increase the consumption of some amino acids and vitamins (such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, etc.) in the human body.The human body lacks vitamin foods, especially when vitamin D is lacking, its metabolic derivative calciferol is reduced, and the auditory cells of the inner ear will undergo degenerative lesions; at the same time, vitamin deficiency can increase redness and hardness, and it is difficult to pass through the end blood vessels. Lead to hypoxia and zinc deficiency in hearing cells, which is also related to presbycusis.Therefore, we should eat more foods rich in vitamin D, iron, zinc and other elements in our daily diet.This type of food mainly includes lean meat, beans, fungus, mushrooms, various green leafy vegetables, radishes, tomatoes, garlic, oysters and so on.

(3). Eat more zinc-containing foods.导致老年性耳聋的因素很多,缺锌是一个重要原因。锌是人体必需的14种微量元素中极为重要的一种,故称”生命元素”。耳蜗内锌的含量大大高于其他器官。而60岁以上的老年耳蜗内锌的含量明显降低,影响耳蜗的功能而导致听力减退。英国学者研究资料表明,老年性耳聋的病人,血清中的锌浓度偏低者占1/3。这些病人除耳聋外,味觉或嗅觉也不同程度受损。经补锌治疗3-6个月,约30%病人的听力得到改善(听话不打岔了)。含锌丰富的食物有:鱼、牛肉、猪肝、鸡、鸡肝、鸡蛋、各种海产品;苹果、橘子、核桃、黄瓜、西红柿、白菜、萝卜等。

(4). Drink more milk.有人说牛奶是”人类保姆”,60年代以后世界牛奶的生产和消费量剧增。牛奶是营养丰富的食品,更是老年最佳长寿食品。它吸收率高,利用率高,是既经济又安全的营养保健食品。牛奶中的矿物质是以碱性元素为主,所以牛奶是碱性食品,有调节人体酸碱平衡的作用。体内环境稳定是防病抗病的基础,也是抗疲劳、延缓衰老的基础。此外牛奶中几乎含所有已知的维生素,以维生素A、维生素D、维生素B1、维生素B2、维生素B6、维生素B12、维生素E和胡萝卜素。夏季,牛奶中尤以维生素A、D、B2含量高。这些维生素与钙的吸收利用,对防治改善血液循环和耳聋症状很有帮助。


The above is a detailed introduction to the daily diet of deaf patients. I believe everyone, after passing the above introduction, have an understanding of the precautions for tinnitus in diet? If you still want to know some other aspects of tinnitus and deafness For questions, you can consult an expert, and hope that the above content will help your health.

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