What is the effect of wearing hearing aids for congenital hearing loss?

If hearing loss reaches Level XNUMX, it is generally recommended to select and match in time Hearing aid , But it also depends on your actual situation.

Congenital hearing loss should be accurately detected. If the hearing loss is more than severe, try to choose a cochlear implant. Even if the hearing loss is more than severe, it should be worn by the child before the electronic cochlear is needed. Hearing aid , Accept as many voices as possible.If the hearing loss allows the wearing of hearing aids, try to choose a hearing aid with higher clarity for the child.

It needs to be emphasized that early intervention for congenital hearing loss is very important.When the child is diagnosed with hearing loss, it is very important to give the child the opportunity to be exposed to sound. Therefore, it is of great significance to have the child have a cochlear implant as early as possible.One of the key factors to get a good listening effect is to see how early the implantation is.The earlier the cochlear implant is used, the more likely it is that the child will acquire better speech and language skills.According to the results of frontier researchers, hearing-impaired children who have received early intervention are ahead of their peers who have not received early intervention in terms of language, recognition and social skills.Not only that, early intervention lays the foundation for the development of basic language and social skills, which will help children succeed in school and social life in the future.

Children are equipped with hearing aids. When conditions permit, try to choose digital hearing aids for deaf children with better sound quality and higher clarity. Children with hearing disabilities should be fitted with hearing aids as soon as possible once the diagnosis is confirmed; although they are mildHearing lossAttention should also be paid to hearing compensation to avoid affecting the development of language. For children with severe hearing or higher hearing impairment, cochlear implants may be considered when fitting hearing aids has little or no effect.If the surgical conditions are not available, a super-powered BTE machine should also be selected in time to ensure that it can receive sound stimulation for early detection, early intervention and early treatment of congenital deafness!

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