Are hearing aids harmful to hearing?

In fact, the use of hearing aids by the elderly has no side effects. Hearing aids are actually a tool for the elderly to regain their hearing, and they can be used carefully.But there are some things to pay attention to when using, otherwise it will cause some adverse reactions. 

Everyone knows that wearing glasses, and some glasses that are not fitted properly, can cause vision loss if worn for a long time.The same is true for wearing hearing aids. When fitting, you must wear a hearing aid according to your own situation. Hearing aid .Some hearing-impaired patients who use hearing aids for the first time cannot adapt, complaining that the sense of blockage, the sensation of foreign bodies is too strong, and that the sound is not real and clear enough.There are many reasons for this kind of problems, such as improper fitting, poor product quality, and high psychological expectations.But the biggest problem is that they lack the necessary fitness training. 

The general principle is to insist on step-by-step adaptation.In terms of daily wearing time, it should be short to long; in terms of volume adjustment, it should be small first and then large; in terms of social environment, it should be quiet first, then noisy, and simple first and then complicated.Such a gradual progress can help users get through the adaptation period as soon as possible and maximize the effect of hearing aids.Once so, I believe that some of them will also “can’t take off the hearing aids they wear.”

 Don’t expect that after using a hearing aid, you will be able to restore XNUMX% of your hearing function. You need to give yourself a little time to rebuild your auditory memory, and at the same time, you must get used to wearing it. Hearing aid .Some hearing aid users with minor hearing loss only use hearing aids for necessary or important occasions (such as meeting guests or presiding over certain meetings), and they are not “incapable of taking them off”.Only those hearing-impaired patients who have benefited greatly from the use of hearing aids cannot do without hearing aids. “Cannot be separated from” and “cannot be taken off” means that the hearing aid has played its due role and greatly improved the user’s hearing condition, which is a desirable good thing. 

In short, there is no harm in wearing hearing aids for a long time. Although hearing aids cannot improve your hearing, they can help you to avoid hearing loss.In daily use, you must strictly require yourself, use it in accordance with the guidelines on the manual, regularly maintain it, and develop good behavior habits.

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