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What Happens To The Surface Of The Workpiece On The Grinding Machine?

During the machining of the grinding machine, there are often grains on the surface treatment of the workpiece, which affects the accuracy and affects the appearance. According to experience, there are roughly three cases:

Irregular surface scratches on the surface: This is mainly a problem with the grinding fluid and filtering system, which causes the particles and grinding debris falling from the grinding wheel to circulate in the grinding fluid and scratch the surface of the workpiece. At this time, the grinding fluid should be replaced, or the filtering device should be added.

Spirals appear on the surface for the following reasons:

1. When dressing the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is convex at the exit. When the workpiece exits the grinding zone, it is just rubbed by the bump to the surface, forming a spiral pattern. The solution is: You can repair the grinding wheel at the exit or use a file to grind the grinding wheel at the exit to a rounded corner.

2. Small cracks appear on the alloy part of the blade supporting the workpiece, which causes the surface to be not only shiny, but also has a burr phenomenon. Need to sharpen blade or replace.

3. The hardness of the bonding agent of the grinding wheel is uneven, which leads to unevenness of the threshing of the grinding wheel. If the sand repair can not be improved, the grinding wheel needs to be replaced.

4. The feeding speed or discharging speed is not consistent with the normal rotation speed of the guide wheel (prone to occur in the case of automatic feeding device). Need to adjust the feed and guide wheel speed to feed some.

5. The deviation of the relative position between the guide wheel and the axis of the grinding wheel during the adjustment of the tilt angle and R, which needs to be corrected.

Oscillation lines on the surface: Mainly caused by vibration of the machine tool or vibration during the grinding process of the workpiece.

1. The grinding wheel itself is unstable. It may be that the grinding wheel flange is not clamped correctly or the dynamic balance is not adjusted properly. This requires a new wheel and balance adjustment.

2. The bearings in the main shaft are worn or improperly adjusted, which will cause the grinding wheel to vibrate. The bearing clearance should be readjusted or the bearing replaced.

3. The vibration of other equipment is transmitted to the grinder to cause resonance. It needs to be far away from other vibration sources or dig anti-vibration trenches.

4. Due to the increase of the center height of the support blade, the blade is not stable and vibrates when the workpiece passes through. You need to tighten the screws that secure the blade.

5. The spindle of the grinding wheel is driven by a motor through a triangular belt. The length of the triangular belt is different or wears, which causes the machine to vibrate. Need to check and replace.

6. The center of the workpiece is too high. The grinding wheel presses the workpiece against the blade through the grinding force. The component force of the guide wheel is reduced, which causes uneven force on the workpiece and generates vibration. At this time, the center height of the blade should be lowered.

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