The main differences between PPS and PEEK are in terms of temperature resistance and toughness.

Difference between PPS and PEEK

The main differences between PPS machining and PEEK are in terms of temperature resistance and toughness. The long-term temperature resistance of PEEK is 260 degrees, and the long-term use of PPS is 220 degrees. In addition, whether it is pure resin or glass fiber modified, the elongation at break of PPS is smaller than PEEK. Although there are some special grades of PPS, the toughness can exceed PEEK, but the overall strength has decreased. Generally, PPS is most commonly added with 40% glass fiber. Compared with pure PEEK machining:
  1. Melting point: PPS-280 ℃, PEEK-340 ℃;
  2. Tensile strength: PPS-105 Mpa, PEEK-115Mpa;
  3. Rockwell hardness: PPS-M100, PEEK-M105;
Long-term use temperature: within PPS-220 ℃, within PEEK-250 ℃; Compared with PEEK, the performance of PPS is slightly different. It is difficult to replace PEEK in performance, but it can greatly reduce the cost. If the performance of PEEK is excessive in some cnc machining conditions, PPS can be considered. PPS is difficult to replace only when peek can be used, especially at high temperatures, but in some friction situations or when the temperature is not high, PPS can be used instead, and the cost can be reduced.
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