What Is Grooving

Radial grooving (drilling) cycle command programming (G75)

G75 R (e);

G75 X (U) Z (W) P (Δi) Q (Δk) R (Δd) F;

e-retract amount, this value is the modal value;

X (U), Z (W)-coordinate value at the end of the grooving;

Each cutting depth in Δi-X direction (this value is expressed with unsigned value);

Δk—the amount of movement of the tool in the Z direction after completing a radial cut;

Δd—the amount of tool retraction at the bottom of the cutting, the sign of d is always the “+” value;

F—Groove feed speed.

  1. Path analysis

● The path of G75 command is similar to G74 command, but the direction is different;

● After the G75 command passes through the grooving cycle, the tool returns to the cycle starting point A.

  1. Instructions on process issues related to instruction application

(1) About the choice of groove machining tool The shape of the grooving knife and the cutting knife for laser cutting a rectangular outer groove is basically the same, but the width and length of the cutter head are slightly different. details as follows:

● Determination of the width of the cutting blade: the empirical calculation formula of the width of the cutting head of the cutting blade is:

a≈ (0.5 ~ 0.6)

a—the width of the main blade;

D—The diameter of the workpiece being cut.

(1) About the choice of groove machining tools

● Determining the length of the cutter head part of the cutting blade: determining the length L of the cutter head part.

Cut the solid material: L = D / 2 ten (2 ~ 3).

Cut the hollow material: L = h + (2 ~ 3).

h- is the wall thickness of the workpiece being cut.

(1) About the choice of groove machining tools

● The width of the grooving cutter head is determined: the width of the grooving cutter head is generally determined based on the comprehensive consideration of the groove width of the workpiece, the power of the cnc machine tool and the strength of the tool.

● The length of the grooving knife is determined: the length of the grooving knife is L = the depth of the groove is ten (2 ~ 3).

(2) About the groove processing route design The groove processing route design with different widths and different accuracy requirements is different, as follows:

● When the narrow groove is processed and the accuracy is not high, you can choose the width of the cutter head to be equal to the width of the groove and use the horizontal straight cutting, as shown in the figure.

(2) About the design of groove processing route

● When the groove width precision is high, the rough feed and fine feed can be used for the second feed. That is, when the groove is fed for the first time, there is a margin on the two walls; The G04 command is used to pause the tool at the bottom of the groove for a few seconds to perform feed-free finishing to improve the surface quality of the bottom of the groove, as shown in the figure.

(2) About the design of groove processing route

● Wide outer cylindrical groove cnc machining with high accuracy requirements can be divided into several feeds, requiring that the cutters have overlapping parts during each cutting, and leave a certain amount of fine turning allowance on both sides and bottom of the groove The design of groove processing route is shown in the figure.

(2) About the design of groove processing route

● Wide groove machining needs to calculate the number of cycles and the distance of each movement of the tool, which can be estimated by the following formula:

L—groove width

a—tool width

n—cycle processing times

Δ—Cutter movement distance

n and Δ can be determined by trial and error method.

(3) Regarding the retracting path, the grooving cutter or cutting knife should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of the retracting path when returning the tool: generally, the X direction should be retracted first, and then the Z direction should be retracted. Even the machine tool is damaged.

(4) Regarding the determination of the knife point, the grooving knife and the cutting knife both have left and right tool tips. Both tool tips and the center of the cutting edge can become the tool point. When programming, it should be marked according to the drawing size and the difficulty of tool setting The degree determines the specific tool point. Be sure to avoid the inconsistency between the tool position selected in programming and actual tool setting.

Assuming that the 60mm outer circle has been turned, the groove knife width is 4mm, and the knife point is the left knife point.


G99 G97 T0202 S1000 M3

G0 X100 Z200

X70 Z-27.1 M08

G75 R1 (Set the slotting tool retraction distance to 1mm)

G75 X40.5 Z-40.9 P2500 Q3800 F0.08

(Set the grooving cycle parameters, and each infeed in the diameter direction of the rough turning is 2.5 (radius value). The Z direction is offset by 3.8mm each time. The six 0.1mm margins on both sides of the groove are left with a 0.25mm margin at the bottom)

G01X70 Z-26 F1 (Quick positioning of the right side of the wide groove, chamfering)


X58 W-1F0.1

X40 (the right side of the fine car slot)


X58 (the left side of the fine car slot)

X61 W-1.5 (Chamfer C1 and extend to X61)

G0Z-65 (located to the laser cutting position)

G75 X1 P3000 F0.08

G0 X150





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