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Somethings about after the Oralce OCM exam

I remember when I graduated from college in 2011, I came to Beijing to apply for a job with a few classmates. The first job I did related to IT at that time was technical support (why it is related to IT, because there are other experiences, but this is what It belongs to Fanwai). It can be said that this type of technical support is the lowest level of IT practitioners, but fortunately, it is easy to be comfortable. After 1 year of hard work, the leadership has let me start bringing new people, but even this is also not to be seen. In the future, first of all, the salary itself is not very competitive, and secondly, the work done is highly replaceable. So I decide to take the exam and help me to reach high career that I chose Oracle 1Z0-061 exam dumps to my Firstly certifications.
In fact, since I have only been doing it for 1 year, I can also bring new people to prove that the threshold for work is very low. At this point, I began to consider the future career development direction, because the company products I was in contact with at the time used the Oracle database, and more or less simple maintenance related to Oracle (limited to the most basic additions, deletions, changes, search, build an index, etc. ), I gradually learned that there is a full-time job such as Oracle DBA. I think the Oralcle 1Z0 071 dumps is a good choice. At that time, the online saying was that the industry was easy and gold, but the threshold for entry was high (not only Oracle itself is very large, knowledge points are more important, more important Practitioners should at least be familiar with various mainstream operating systems, networks, and storage). Later, when I learned about the Oracle database certification system, I had the idea of ​​taking OCA, OCP, and OCM all the way, so I quickly selected a WDP institution and enrolled in the OCP course. On the other hand, I set out to find a full-time Oracle DBA job opportunity. When I applied for my first full-time DBA job in my career, I only had OCA certification. Yes, you are not mistaken. It is OCA, not OCP, or the OCA certificate that you only need to take the 051 and 052 courses. Although the OCA certificate has no gold content, it can also be regarded as the reason that Oracle knows that there is such a person as me. And next I will try the Oracle 1Z0-063 exam dumps to next chanllege.

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