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How to fast pass the CCIE RS Exam

First of all, talk about exams. Exams and actual work are completely different. The technical content of the exam is very old and narrow, but it is very deep. It takes a lot of effort to master it all. It is certain that you do exercises day and night in the lab stage. You ca n’t do anything during this time. The exercises are all-weekly exercises during the week and weekends, and other activities really need to be suspended. For the current CCIE RS 400 101 dumps version, it ’s really too much. It ’s really difficult for those who can stick with it. I basically guarantee 4 hours a day for lab exercises in the later period and 8 hours a day for weekends.

Among them, the lab part is the most difficult and takes the longest time. It takes about 2 weeks to complete the initial set of labs, and the accuracy rate of the early completion is also low, and the test level is 4 hours. After finishing the test and the accuracy rate is above 90%, TS can be easier (only relative) compared to lab, but it also requires a lot of practice to become familiar with. DIAG requires pure memory. This test takes one week before the test. More than enough.

In summary, the attitude of the CCIE exam should be relaxed. Many people will find the exam difficult and unsure and confident. In fact, the exam is just the exercises targeted for the exam. A lot of exercises are definitely not a problem, but there must be a lot of exercises. Each CCIE Sec 400 251 Dumps is integrated, and the phase of the practice version is the fastest-growing stage for individuals.

Learning CCIE theory has grown much more, because many technical points and theories can only be truly understood during the practice version. The so-called meeting is not difficult, and it will not be the case, but the CCIE DC 400 151 Dumps will only be more advanced today. It ’s getting harder (Cisco itself is beginning to control the passing rate), but the sense of identity brought by passing the exam is unparalleled. The sense of accomplishment achieved through a short period of time and the joy obtained through a long period of effort are not the same. Speaking, it is like playing a few hours to win a game and learning to achieve CCIE for a year. The feeling of accomplishment and joy is completely different. The latter kind of hard work will bring enough satisfaction to yourself. And confident.

There is no conflict between work and exams. I am also a person who has been working for nearly 10 years. To be honest, the experience of learning and the intensity of work are not as good as those of young people who have just started. The memory is obviously not as good as before, but the advantage is that Relatively rich work experience and good understanding ability is actually very important, so for the veteran in the workplace, passing CCIE is the icing on the cake to show that you have a strong learning ability.

I also took the CCIE during my work. To be honest, I really urged to quit my job and concentrate on preparing for the test. However, I did n’t quit my current job because of some procrastination. Instead, I chose to continue to use the time off work and weekends. Practice as much as you can, and finally stick to it.

When you look back, you also feel that you have paid a lot. When you have enough practice in the later period, you will realize the process of quantitative change to qualitative change. However, I am not satisfied with my current job, and I plan to change my job 100% after the exam. Then I can quit my job and concentrate on sprinting the CCDE 352 001 Dumps.

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