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Why Do I to obtain the AWS Certifications

So personally, why did I choose this aws certified big data specialty Dumps
. First of all, I think he is a measure, a measure. I think I know a lot about this AWS, but at what stage and at what level, I need a relatively objective standard. This is my test. An original intention of this certification.

Then the next point I think is a self-driven, many times you will learn a thing, or when you want to master a lot of things, you need to set a goal, then this goal is the easiest to set, I passed a few For the monthly study, I can get such a certification, and setting this goal is an easier way; then the third one is continuous learning. I want to emphasize that this continuous learning, even if you pass this certification, first of all This rule requires you to re-certify, and you have to repeat the certification every two years, so this is giving you the pressure to continue learning.

Then the second one can also provide you with the opportunity for continuous learning. After you get this certification, many people will come to ask you a lot of aws certified security specialty Dumps, or if the company has a project, you can also support it. I did n’t know what to do when I heard it, but I can check the information and continue to learn more about it. In this process, the receipt I received was no less than the receipt I learned during the examination; then the fourth Endorsement is you When doing this kind of industry communication, you can prove that you can have relevant experience and ability. When you are communicating with others, you say that I have passed the AWS Solutions Architect Cloud Practitioner Dumps, then the expectations of others are different. .

Of course, the last one may also have expectations, but what I have to water is that such certification will basically not play a particularly big role in your Money, Permotion, Salary, or next job. Let me give another example. If there are three people, one person has certification, one person has not only certification but also rich experience, and then the third person does not have certification but he has a lot of experience. In fact, the screening process will be fast. Right, maybe the second person ’s odds will be bigger, because others have certifications, I can definitely pass the first round of screening, right, but after you have been screened, do you have relevant practical experience and have you used it on the project? Which AWS products come out as soon as you ask, so don’t expect too much from the last one.

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