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How Much Does the CCIE Lab Exam Cost?

There’s no doubt the CCIE lab Certification exam is quite difficult to achieve. And also it goes without argument that the CCIE is quite expensive too. But, it’s also an investment. As with any investment, it’s important to know how much it costs in order to determine whether it’s worth pursuing. We would be looking at every expense that you would be incurring while attempting to earn the CCNP 300-515 SPVI Dumps. Also, if you have in mind to opt for this certification, do check out the training courses offered by the EveDumps Club.
CCIE Certification isn’t going to be your first one
There aren’t going to be any prerequisite to appear for this exam. The CCIE lab is an expert-level certification in a three-part series, and it assumes quite a bit of knowledge. You can gain that knowledge with the recommended to have three to five years of experience or some more entry-level CCNP 300-535 SPAUTO Dumps.
If you’re starting with no certifications or want a holistic view of CCIE costs, then the CCNA and CCNP should be taken into consideration as well.
Here are the costs for Cisco-proctored exams:
1. All CCNAs are $300, except for the R&S track.
2. ICND1 and ICND2 are $165 each.
3. The combined 200-105 ICND2 is $325.
4. All CCNPs are $300.
Add them up and we would gain our first number. The recommended exams to CCIE, in certification exam costs alone, about $650.
CCIE Certification Expense is divided into two parts
The least expensive way to earn the two-part CCIE is to pass both exams the first time. That’s no small feat, and it’s certainly not the shortest path to success. Years of hands-on experience with large, complex networks is the best way to learn the material. Only once you have achieved that level of experience should you consider taking on this beast of a certification, which starts with the written exam.

Written exam – $450 into a number of times taken
Once you feel ready for the CCIE, you’ll start with the written exam.
The 400-level expert exams (aka the CCIE written exam) are two hours and comprise 90 to 110 questions. Once you have successfully passed the CCNP 300-701 SCOR Dumps, you can make arrangements for the lab exam, which we look at below. You have 18 months after the written exam to take and pass the lab, and the written exam is good for three years. That’s important because most people take the lab exam multiple times.
Lab exam – $1,600 into a number of times taken
With the CCNP 300-710 SNCF Dumps in your rearview mirror, you’re ready for the lab exam, right? It might be. Believe everyone who tells you the lab exam is tough. In fact, there’s a number floating around the internet that the average CCIE takes the lab portion 2.3 times before passing. At $1,600 per attempt, plus travel and lodging (more about that below), the CCIE lab exam can cost $4,900.
There’s one silver lining here. You can take the lab as many times as you want without taking the written portion again. As long as they’re attempted within the three-year timeframe, the written exam is still valid. Ultimately, there’s no inexpensive way to pass the lab, but the least expensive way to pass the lab is to pass it the first time with the proper preparation with the right study material.
CCIE study material – $100 to $5,000
This is one of the most obvious places to start tallying the costs of studying for your CCIE. It’s also the place that saves the most money down the road. Study material is a potentially big investment. Also, these materials won’t provide you any guarantee, for that you are required to have a good and reliable training provider, like the EveDumps Club. Do check out their CCNP 300-715 SISE Dumps, before appearing for the CCIE Certification.

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