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How to Pass ISACA CISA Certification Exam?

How to learn CISA?
1. Read through the ISACA CISM Dumps at least 2 times to sort out the knowledge points

For the first contact with CISA, you must carefully read through the textbooks. CISA has a wide range of knowledge points, but if you are engaged in the IT industry, you will definitely feel some of them, such as engaging in IT management, and knowledge of IT governance. It will be easier to accept, be sure to take your actual work scene to read. For those knowledge points you have n’t touched, you must record them, consult relevant materials for a deeper understanding. Here we recommend using mindmanager mind mapping software to systematically comb the knowledge system. After reading through the first round of textbooks through these methods, the basic You can have a general impression of ISACA CISA Dumps.

In the second reading material, the reading speed should be twice as fast as the first reading. At this time, the reading should gradually change from the first “slow reading, scattered reading, and reading halo” to “reading.” “Fast, read well, and read clearly.” Keep a record of problems or knowledge points that you still don’t understand. If you have energy, you can continue to study. If you don’t have energy, you must deepen your impressions through exercises.

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3. Complete the CISA question bank and assignment question bank as required

There are probably thousands of questions in ISACA CGEIT Dumps (forgotten specifically). My experience here is that after reading through each chapter of the textbook, I will begin to practice the exercises immediately. At this time, I will make mistakes and swing in the answers. Mark the questions (the answers are on a separate piece of waste paper, not directly on the book), and then after reading through the second pass, repeat the marked questions again, there will be a clear correct rate, and the teacher will be online at the end Interpret each question in the live broadcast class, and you must listen carefully.

How to review CISA?
Combing knowledge points and learning

The mind map formed after reading through the first CISA textbook will replace books. After reading through books, webcasts, and a large number of exercises, the knowledge system has been deeply recorded in the brain. At this time, the mind map is to help students. Further tidy up the knowledge points and gradually turn the “cluttered bricks” into “tidy walls”, and the knowledge points are deeply rooted in my heart.

2. A lot of exercises

First of all, the review phase uses a ISACA COBIT 5 Dumps (CISA question bank installed in the mobile phone) to review on the way to work and at rest anytime, anywhere. In fact, it is to find the feeling of doing the question. In a noisy life and work environment, increase concentration Degree, can easily deal with the test environment.

Secondly, redo all the wrong questions in the learning experience. At this time, there should be only a handful of wrong questions. If there are still many wrong questions, it is recommended not to take the exam.

3. keep healthy

CISA starts at 4 hours. Although there are only 200 questions, the strange thing is that these 4 hours are fully used in the exam. Please be sure to improve your patience and energy. The 4 hours are really tiring.

to sum up:
The above is my CISA certification experience, hoping to help more people in need. CISA’s learning experience, whether you are a big or small in this industry, will take nearly 4-5 months. Please be fully prepared ISACA CRISC Dumps before learning. Learning is not just talking about it. Do it. As you get older, the older you are, the higher the cost of fault tolerance left to us, and you really need to cherish every learning experience.

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