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How do I pass my Exam Successfully at First time?

I am honored to pass the PMP exam on March 30, 2019. It took me less than 100 days from registration to examination. Let me summarize a few points of my passing the PMP exam:

1) Have clear goals.

Why learn PMP? Is it really important to me? What do you want to learn? Use the 5 why method to find your own pain points and itching points, and stimulate your initiative and enthusiasm. I have many years of project management experience. The project is getting bigger and bigger, and the number of participants is increasing. I am always afraid that my management problems will cause the project to fail. Sometimes I dream of the project abnormally in the middle of the night. Address your concerns and fears. I have to get in touch with how projects are managed internationally and what better methodologies are there. I just happened to communicate with a friend. She suggested that I go to learn PMI RMP Dumps, which may solve some of your problems. So, my goal is very clear: learn PMP, solve my project problems. Detect whether you have successfully learned the theoretical testing method of PMP: test the PMP certificate and solve practical problems. If the goal is clear, act quickly.

2) Have a good plan: Make a decision and start planning your learning process.

The first stage:
The teacher arranged to read the sixth edition of the “PMBOK Guide” before class 1.6. According to the teacher’s plan, at least 40 pages of books should be read every day. Insert a photo of your own note here, the PMI 002 Dumps is scribbled and ugly. The notes mainly record the backbone of the chapters and any doubts, and ask the teacher after class. Insert a learning technique: When I learned the fifteen matrix is ​​the skeleton of the book when I learned the fourth chapter, it took me more than an hour to memorize the fifteen matrices of P25 five times, and I did not miss the 49 processes. .

second stage:
During the first lesson of the interview, 2 months before the mock exam, the book has been passed at least twice during this period. In the first class, the teacher sent chapter exercises. Read the corresponding chapters before you do PMI SP Dumps, do the questions in closed books, compare the answers, find the test point in the book, and enter the next chapter with the accuracy rate of 90% or more (do not do it again the next day or before going to bed) Until the goal is reached), before the teacher completes the exercises in the corresponding chapter. The second time was brought by the face-to-face teacher. Tips for chapter questions: Do not make any marks on chapter exercises when you do the questions. You need to use them multiple times and use separate workbooks. After the teacher has finished speaking, the closed book outlines the final exercise on the chapter exercise. Make sure you have 60 minutes of study time each day (double the study time on weekends).

PMP Dumps

The third phase:
The mock test to the formal test, this time is for the mock test, each mock test paper is done twice, after the first pass, do not know how to turn the book to find the PMI PgMP Dumps, communicate with the teacher if there is objection, etc. 2 Do the second time after the day and make sure you are above 150 points. Make sure you have 100 minutes of study time every day. Simulation questions generally require that you complete them in 200 minutes. Each set of questions is divided into two parts, and each time you complete it in 100 minutes.

3) Strong will and execution:

This is very important. There are different reasons for not persisting. I also encountered many problems during the course of my studies, and I am very fortunate to stick to it.

Time of day. Time is like water in a sponge. As long as you pay attention to it, you can still squeeze it. I often encounter project rushes, after 22:00 after work. Go to the house, turn on the lights, read the PMI PMP Dumps in the study room alone, and often stay up until 1:30 in the morning. When you can’t support it, wash your face with cold tap water (just in winter), and warn yourself: Today ’s Don’t leave things until the next day.

Summary: After the above study, do every detail well, no longer stunned, no longer afraid, nor worried about whether they can pass the exam, stepped into the examination room with confidence, and calmly answer the questions.

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